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Is it normal where you live for people not to wear socks?

Where I live, in Caracas (Venezuela), almost every girl/woman I know wears their shoes without socks under them. I feel that this is a bit unhygienic, but I can't complain, since it seems that it is more comfortable for some. How is this where you live?
We wear socks over here with runners. As far as I know. Now and then I see someone without socks, but it looks weird because it is the exception. The real reason I wear socks is to keep my runners from smelling too much. It's also comfortable. I like walking around in my socks when I'm indoors as well.
Some people think it's a fashion style, but I don't agree with them.

I don't like to wear socks, but I always do when I wearing shoes.

It's not healthy to wear shoes without socks.
In the summer it is not uncommon to see people wearing no socks. Especially in sandals and in women shoes but it is not always easy to know with women because they sometimes wear pantyhose.

I think few people go without socks in normal shoes if they plan to have them on for a long period of time because it can easily irritate the skin and make the shoe smell.

In the summer I always go barefoot at home but in the winter it's often too cold without socks. I think most people wear socks at their homes but I wouldn't pay much notice if I saw a barefoot.
no, where i live (in the most southern, eastern part [kinda] in the united states of america), socks are a common thing. course there are exceptions when not to wear socks. such as when you're at a community pool in an apartment complex. who wears socks when swimming anyway? other exceptions are when you would go to the lake or the beach. who wears socks at those places? you just get sand in your socks anyway. which leads me to my next point, at those places... people normally wear flip flops or sandles or something similar. it is common to wear foot wear such as those in my area, even when not visiting the beach or lake, just wearing them about on your normal day activities (like going to the mall), in which case, you wouldn't wear socks. that's just weird and against our social norms here.
I never wear socks if I can help it. Most people here in Queensland don't mainly because it is too hot and everyone wears shorts most of the time. Socks look funny under shorts. The main reason though is that I can't get down to put socks on any more. I just can't reach that far now and so always wear slip on type shoes with no socks and no bending necessary.
why can't you reach down far enough to put socks on? that sounds sucky.

i think socks with shorts sounds fine. it was a fad or a fashion, whatever you want to call it when i was growing up. mostly in my teenage years. these years consisted of the early to mid 2000s. shorts, high socks that go to could have went as high as your knee, but usually was usually at the shin, and a pair of converses was a common clothing style.
That depends on what kind of shoes we're talking about. But people here use it with tennis, boots, etc.
It's also happen in here. Women don't like to wear socks before using shoes. but it depend's on the type of the shoe. Usually women don't wear socks for formal shoes and women use socks for non formal shoes. Using no socks on shoes is not good since the skin will easily scratched by the shoes. The shoes also will easily wet because of the sweat. It is very not good for human health. But maybe someday women will use socks if the trends is coming.
Socks are worn by people at my college mostly when they have to appear for presentations. For normal days, people with flip flops and sandals are a common sight.
Most people wear socks here, even if it's summertime. It's usually some of the younger folks who wear flip flops or sandals, and even then I don't see really that that often.
without socks is uncomfortable and tough...
In the USA it highly depends on what types of footwear you are wearing. Flip-flops, sandals, high-heels, and several others are acceptable to sock attire. Sneakers, boots, etc usually include socks.

Personally I am more a barefoot kind of guy, at least while the temperature allows it anyway!
By girls, do you mean girls not wearing socks in their regular girl shoes. Those with heels and all. It is normal for that. But if you meant sport shoes and other shoes like those from adidas and converse, then it wont be normal. I mean I have seen a couple of girls not wear socks with those shoes. But a lot of them don't do it. Atleast they wear very short or small socks that don't show much. It would get really sweaty if you don't wear socks with such kicks.
Does anyone remember Miami Vice? This TV series was extremely popular at the time, partly because there was so much fashion and glamour going on there. One mystifying thing in the show was the way the main character dressed - he was always wearing great looking suits and boots with no socks! Before that, it was unthinkable, since the show started airing it became cool for a while until things came back to normal.

Socks should be worn to most kinds of shoes, as the sweat soaks into materials and both shoes and feet start smelling ugly after some time. Of course I don't mean flip-flops and other kinds of shoes people wear in hot climates Smile
I need socks with my runners for sure. Apart from absorbing sweat, it also adds to comfort and extra padding inside the runners. I also get the best quality socks as well. Ones that aren't too tight and are seamless.
It is easy to get abrasions during running without socks. Even when shoes are extremely comfortable, million abrasions does its job.
tonberry wrote:
It is easy to get abrasions during running without socks. Even when shoes are extremely comfortable, million abrasions does its job.
True, but if you do it frequently your skin will become thicker and protect against abrasions. It will take some time and it probably only works to some degree so socks is still to recommend.
ratanegra wrote:
Where I live, in Caracas (Venezuela), almost every girl/woman I know wears their shoes without socks under them. I feel that this is a bit unhygienic, but I can't complain, since it seems that it is more comfortable for some. How is this where you live?

Its normal. Why is it not normal?
Never happens where I live (in France), some people (our equivalent of rednecks :p ) actually even wear socks under sandals haha
You see people without socks and it depends on how clean the shoe is kept to say if it is not healthy and of course there are sock less sandals.
I come from Italy and, from my experience, everywhere in Europe people wear socks under shoes. Sometimes even when it is unnecessary, like in southern Germany with sandals. Confused
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