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How to start on fitness when I don't have much time?

I wake up at 7, bathe, dress and go to the university. Then return at 4 usually, unless it's Tuesday or Thursday, when I return at 9. I have to read dozens of materials, I have to do tons of homework and still don't have time for everything I have to do. Still, I want to start exercising a bit and I don't know what is recommended. Should I wake up earlier and jog? What can I do? I'm thin as a needle, by the way. Not really anorexic, but still very thin.
I like the wake up earlier and jog suggestion. I'm exactly where you are. I don't need to lose weight. I am energetic and move around quite a lot, but I do want to get more fit. Problem is to get to bed at a decent hour in order to get up early. I'm working up towards that however. Secret is to get to make it a habit. I reckon if you do it once, it's a major start. If you do it for consecutive days of the week, it starts to get there. After a month, it's almost a habit. After six weeks, it becomes self-rewarding, you don't want to stop.
I would not recommend to give up sleeping time. Weight might not be an issue for you right now but getting sufficient sleep is probably better for your health and might even help loosing weight. There is actually a nice discussion going on right now here on Frihost about the importance of sleep: "Sleep should be a major consideration but it's not why?"

One option is using an indoor bike, this would allow you to exercise and read stuff simultaneously. Not sure if that would work for me though.

May be this works for you: "20 Minutes of Exercise a Day Is Enough to Get You Fit"
You could combine transportation and exercise by running or cycle to and from the university. If it's not possible to shower at the university and you have a lot to carry you could at least cycle there in low speed and have higher speed on the back home.
everyone have time, they just don't want to spare it..
15 min a day wont ruin your collage
Great suggestions here. I'll try cycling to commute to/from the university. It will be hard, since I live so far apart from it, but I think I can do it.

And by the way, I'm not worried about my weight. I just don't want to get tired with activities that require little to no effort. Or even to be able to do more.
Actually sport gives you some extension of time. Thirty minutes of jogging (or something similar to it) before bedtime eliminates stress, provides you a deeper sleep, fresh air improves your skin. With no-stress and clear head you can do your usual routine faster, your memory is better - you do not need to study so hard. So it is not about time, it is about self-affirmation.
Engage in any physical activity and try to be regular, adopt the activities you like most and stay close to people who motivates you to create a healthy environment yourself. Break meals in small frequent meals and prefer raw food over processed food. Do not eat late and avoid stimulants,
If the sport time is limited, do remember to increase the strength of the exercises.
For example, walk slowly < walk faster < jogging < run < run faster.
This will increase the effect per minute, but don't increase too much and hurt yourself.
I agree, 15 minutes per day is all you need. Personally I hate jogging and think it is not the best exercise that a person can do.

Best type of exercise is weight training. For a person with limited time I would suggest a 15 minute circuit every morning. Do upper body one morning and lower the next. I would suggest picking 3 or 4 exercises and move from one to the next with no breaks between.

Next do not hit me with the argument that you have no weights and cannot train like that. Even with no weights you can get an incredible workout.

Lower body example:
Squats, no weight - (work on getting the form perfect so when the time comes to put a bar on your back you have perfect squat form)
Lunges Single Leg
Hip Thrusts
Back Extensions

All the above exercises can be preformed with no weights, I suggest 3 sets of 15 reps to start, and then increase sets or reps or both as you get stronger.

Push ups, Dips, Pull ups, inverted rows are all examples of upper body work that you can do with no weights, and they will also help to make you stronger.

Starting your day with 15 minutes of circuit training followed by bicycle riding to school and back would have you in great shape in a month or two!!

As far as the type of shape you will get in, let me ask you this, who would you consider to be in the best shape, a farmer that can throw 100 bales of hay a day on to a truck, or a marathon runner?

Just my 2 cents on the subject!!!
I agree with weight lifting, it is the safest and most beneficial type of exercise in my opinion, running being the worst - it depletes the organism of the deepest energy reserves and takes its toll on joints like a m-fker (people make a wrong assumption that if they don't feel their joints now, this means running must be healthy but this comes back to haunt old people).

For the OP: check Pavel Tsatsouline's Greasing the Groove method. It is a form of exercise standardized by this Russian, although definitely not invented by him as it was used in one form or the other since physical exercises were invented.

The idea in GtG is to do the specific with 50%-80% of your max and focusing on the sheer amount of repetitions throughout the day instead of pushing yourself to the limits every time.

This is a perfect solution to people who have no time, as from time to time everyone needs to stop doing what he is doing and think what he is about to do next in his ultra-busy life and there are no obstacles from dropping a few during this planning phrase. Once you get used to it, it becomes a habit and if you're planning it smart, you suddenly find yourself doing an awful lot of daily exercise without being affected by it time-wise at all.
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