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Hypocritical evangelists supporting worthy causes...

I personally hate the word "evangelist". It immediately brings to mind fundamentalist religious devotees. However, in the sense of an "enthusiastic advocate", it is a good word to use for my point.

Say you lived in Rwanda during the times of the genocide. You know it is happening, and you have a few choices in how to deal with it.

1. You could leave the country.
2. You could stay and ignore the problem to the best of your ability.
3. You could engage in a physical assault against the perpetrators.
4. You could attempt to spread info about what was happening in order to make sure people were
properly educated and so hopefully more likely to help discourage the activity however they
saw fit.

If you chose option 4, and people around you claimed you didn't really care, so they were not going to do anything, would that strike you as a poor excuse for inaction? Just because someone is insincere, is that a valid reason to avoid the issue if it's honestly wrong?

Basically, just because someone is insincere, does that excuse you from actually paying attention to and potentially helping to fix an actual atrocity that they have pointed out?

Another example:
If a possible murderer had lived in Nazi Germany, and he decried the actions of the Nazi's to save his own ass, by saying what they were doing was wrong, would his being "insincere" be a good excuse for other Germans to have ignored the fact that Jews were being murdered? Or should the surrounding Germans have dealt with him AND the Nazi's, thereby saving mostly innocent people from being murdered? If people tried to shut him up by saying he didn't care (to wear down his willingness to continue bringing the subject up by imparting the idea that no one really cares what he says), and then refused to do anything about an honest issue, wouldn't it seem as if they were trying to justify not doing anything themselves by trying to make him "fail", thereby excusing them (an excuse in their own heads) from any responsibility to act?
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