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Have you given up on FM radio?

I pretty much have. WXPN 88.5 here in Philly is only station i listen to. And really, i only listen to it when it wakes me up on my alarm and in my car when i need a break from cd's. XPN is public radio without commercials. They have a decent selection, mostly eclectic and bands/artists you never heard. The other stations are stuck on 90's grunge BLAH!!! And they play only 2 songs and then 10 minutes of commercials. I REALLY love listening to IndiePopRocks on iTunes. This internet station plays bands ive never heard of, and thats good. There SO much great music out there we dont get to hear. My music collection has tripled since listening to IndiePopRocks and ive seen so many more new bands. It's Indie all the way for me. I wish I could get it in my car, so maybe ill make the purchase to Sirius, get to hear good music and Stern.
I've pretty much given up on FM radio for listening to pop music. One of the problems here in Sweden is that most of teh radio stations broadcast the same music - top40 pop music - which I am no longer interested in as I am over 50. I remember the good old days back in the sixties and sevnties when music was good!!! Most of the best music from that era I have on CD. However, classical music is anotehr matter as there is so much of it and it is not repeated in the same way that top40 music is. There is 1 (one) radio station in Sweden that broadcasts classical music (P3) and I listen to it quite a bit, but I have recently discoverd Naxos on the web. There you can pay a small fee (around $20 per year I believe) which allows you to listen to any of their CDs at any time during the year on the Internet. This idea WILL kill FM radio if other record companies jump on the bandwagon, though given the limited lifetime of much popular music (as seen from teh record companies' point of view) I somehow do not see this happening.

i love the FM - haha lots of pirate stations round ere n im not talkin bout eye captain stuff lol

my bro - DJHicks is on Rise One 98.3FM Here in essex!

check it out... they'll have web streaming set up too... use a free txt service to txt the studio fone once ur listenin... be good to have some international covourage - i'll let u knwo wen the web streamisn up! Wink
Hey i still listen to it!!!!

Suryan FM 93.5
Radio Mirchi 98.3

They are awesome channels here in india
I gave up on it, but AM is still OK...

I listen to our local 94.7 KNRK and 101.1 KUFO on a daily basis. 94.7 plays pretty much just music, hardly any talk shows(music plays even on your way to work!!!!) and its mostly alternative. 101.1 plays far more Rock and the like, also Howard Stern is heard on this station, not that I like listening to that pervert.
I never listen to the radio really, I don't see the point. Why not listen to the music you like, without commercials, by purchasing CDs and such? I suppose you don't always have a CD player, or Line in (for mp3 players).
fm radio is not fun anymore. it's better use portable mp3 player than fm radio. but we still need it to fill emptyness when driving a car.
I dont listen to radio much anymore. Very very little actually. I have 9.3 days of music in my iTunes library, and it grows often. I'm starting to not like alot of the music they play on the radio, and commercials definitely suck. Less and less reason for me to listen
With all the tech today why listen to FM radio with commercials anymore? Cd players, mp3 players, Xm radio
i listen to it in the car, i don't have a fancy dab digital radio
The shoutcast stations can be pretty good. And you know it's all going to be similar stuff, so you can choose from a huge amount of genres depending on what you feel like listening to.
I miss the English channels.. maybe I should move to a country where they primarily speak Engligh.. as opposed to the one where I live now where Engligh is only the official language...
We are operating a small AM station part time. I am goin to upgrade to FM sometime. I can't find what the maximum power is allowed without a licence in Canada but I assume that since they let you get kits that they expect you use use them theirfor meaning that they are legal to operatate. I am going to use an FM transmitter kit from Active.
of course not. It's my best companion before i sleep, and using the internet.
The only FM radio station I still listen to is BBC Radio1, top mix of new, current and unreleased tunes with the odd floor-filler classic thrown in for good measure, funny DJ's, interesting features and a smattering of news stuff. And the best of all... Public service broadcasting so absolutely no commercials!!!
I know this totally sounds like a plug for the station but whatever, I think it's good and a few million listeners can't be wrong, I definitely recommend it!
I listen to it in the car, on my mobile (earphones) when I'm walking, or online at - like now when I'm doing my thing on the laptop Smile
FM radio is decent. So far, I haven't found any internet radio stations that are actually on par (let me know if you have) -- most 'net stations that I've listened to are unmanned and so they come off as if you're listening to someone's shuffled playlist. Just not the same experience. FM is also a more reliable method to finding new singles as soon as they're released, in my experience.
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