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Prodigal son returns. Have u been bad 2?

I have returned and yet I feel not so good because I did not post for so long.
Have u strayed like this or always been good?
I strayed once I think two years ago ... actually got to just below ZERO. Shocked REALLY bothers me when I haven't posted for a day. It does happen that I miss the odd day or two from time to time when it's out of the ordinarily busy - like time just flew past and before I knew it one or two days have passed. Or maybe when I'm on holiday and can't get to the Internet.

Nice to see you back. Cool
Welcome back! I think I have always been good. It is a daily (sometimes, twice daily) habit for me - check the email accounts, this forum and another forum. No FB or Twit!
I like to be in the habit of posting every day but since my email notifications are malfunctioning it does get harder. Sometimes there is a lull in topics too which make it harder to get involved. Some topics just don't suit and others just need a one post reply. I think everyone gets to know where you are at after a while and don't bother to hassle you any more because they know basically what your answers are going to be.
Quality replies but the laziness...
It's coming ba.....
chasbeen wrote:
I have returned and yet I feel not so good because I did not post for so long.
Have u strayed like this or always been good?

Me too! Sad Time, time, time! I need more free time in my life.

Well, now I'm under -170 points and that doesn't feel good at all. I want to reach the 45 mark again so I can do some changes that would require coins, but that will take some effort! I was busy with university stuff, then I became completely lazy, but I don't want that to happen again. Especially since I have a new project and can't achieve anything due to my negative score.

However, I'm trying to get some high quality posts to get some points again! It seems that it will take me some 48 3.5-point posts to get to 0, but I'll get there soon. Wish me luck. Razz
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