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Big guide to FREE programs!

Hi there!
Many of you people out there are probably pretty often in need of different programs, that are free, but you just cant seem to find them no matter how many times you google for it.

So instead of making numerous threads, here is just a single thread with lots of these kinds of programs listed!

Internet and security (Anti-virus programs, firewalls, browsers, email clients, utilities etc.)
AVG Anti-Virus Software, a free anti-virus program.
Another free anti-virus software.
Kerio Personal Firewall, offers less features after 30 days but still one of the best free firewalls available.
Another free firewall.
Google Toolbar - Google toolbar is great for quick search options and it also has many useful features such as a 'Pop-Up Blocker' to stop those anoying ads while surfing.
Firefox, A very good internet browser, very customizable and with really nice features.
Thunderbird, free email client.
Smartftp, free ftp client.
Leechget, Download Manager
Filezilla, another free ftp client(very good)
WS FTP, excellent free FTP client, highly recommended.

Musical programs (Media players, cd rippers, mp3 taggers etc.)
VLC(Video Lan Media Player), This program has almost all codecs, you can play almost all movies on it and it can also play dvd's from your dvd player.
Very useful program!
K-lite codecpack, a very useful collection of codecs that will make you able to play divx movies and so on WMP
DbpowerAMP, very good program for converting music files and so on. Can convert almost everything!
CDex, use this to rip cd's
Media Player Classic, Very good program to play up movie files on.
Itunes, According to some people, one of the best music players available.
Tagscanner, mp3 Tagger / Mass mp3 Tagger
MP3Gain, cool utility for normalizing MP3s (making the volume the same).
Foobar2000, another audio player.
Jet audio, plays nearly all file types known to man kind, and can convert, rip, record in many formats such as flac, ape, ogg, rm, wma for free. In combination with the K-Lite Codec pack it's one of the best software players in the world.

It also supports broadcasting in a seperate program called jetCast - it's dead easy and fun to use.
Evillyrics, automatically gets lyrics to the songs your listening to.
Simulanalog, Simulates analog guitar pedals and guitar amps very accurately, based on university researches. Free VST plugin.
KRISTAL Audio Engine, Free multitrack recording program with good plugin support and mixing.

Office programs, typing programs, text editors and communication programs.
Open office, very good open source office program, get this if you can't affor microsoft office!
ConTEXT - the best text editor, very very very handy for coding you can change the colour of for example specific words, or if you want to change the colour of anything in brackets or quotes, you can do that too for UnrealScript it is just such a time saving tool, and you can bind shortcuts for example to compile or run the current piece of code youre writing, if youre a coder, this really is a must there's loads of downloadable highlighters which automatically change the colour of certain things when you open a certain file format

ive pretty much replaced the use of notepad with this, and you can have lots of things open at the same time in firefox style tabs.
Metapad, yet another text editor.
Trillian, Are you tired of having MSN, ICQ, AIM and whatnot messenging program running next to each other and hogging your memory - get Trillian - it's free and spyware free and supports all major chatting protocols.
MirandaIM, Trillian ain't configurable enough? Just get Miranda and enjoy a wealth of plugins and configuaribility seldom seen in a program before.
Xchat, Free IRC client.
Ventrilo, voice communication software.

Windows software (Compression programs, Registry cleaners, update programs etc.)
AutoPatcher, the all-in-one updater for Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows 2003. Next time you format dont update through Windows homepage, get it in an 'all in one patch.
EasyCleaner is a small program which searches Windows' registry for entries that are pointing nowhere. EasyCleaner also lets you delete all kinds of unnecessary files like temps, backups etc. You can search for duplicate files and you can view some intresting info about your disk space usage! You are also able to manage startup programs, invalid shortcuts and add/remove software list.
Smart Bar XP, Great for giving Windows a make-over, download the SmartBarXP Version 0.981 (current version) to give your desktop a more interesting and useful purpose.
IZArc, File Compression Utility
Zipstar, another file compression utility.
A freeware system optimization and privacy tool. It removes unused files from your system - allowing Windows to run faster and freeing up valuable hard disk space. It also cleans traces of your online activities such as your Internet history.

Misc tools (Image programs, framerate counter, screenshots and other stuff etc.)
The GIMP, Image Manipulation Program
FRAPS, Framerate Counter / Screenshot Grabber / Video Grabber.
XnView, Image Viewer / Processor
Pixie, Color Grabber (useful for graphic / web designers).
A great tool to make screenies of your maddest overclocks or anything else. It automatically saves the file to a specified location and generates a filename so you don't have to paste it in Paint or so... very handy IMO
Also has the ability to upload it via FTP.
HoverSnap, Programfor making screenshots, automatically saves them in any format you want & numbers them.
Irfanview, good picture viewer
Ad-aware, very good program for finding spyware and other bad stuff on the computer.
After that you can delete it(go figure)
RefreshForce - universally and permanently fixes the Windows 2000/XP refresh rate problem on ANY variation of graphics cards, monitors, or drivers!!! No messing around, no hassle, it WORKS and it's SIMPLE!
Hot DVD ripping tool.
IsoBuster - The Ultimate CD/DVD data recovery tool + backup your bootable cd.
CPU-Z, PC Wizard, Clock-Gen - Free tools for overclockers..
Exact Audio Copy - The best CD-ripping tool! Extracts audio CD flawlessly even on most badly scratched/error-filled CDs..!
A site I find good for free, as oposed to shareware, software is These are the categories:

AUDIO (23)
Editors, Players, Tools, Misc. Audio Tools

PIMs, Word Processors, Text Editors, Reminders, Organizers, Invoice, Timers, etc...

Educational Software, Home Schooling, Tutorials...

AntiVirus Tools, Compression Utilities, Runtime DLLs

Games, Scenerios, Levels...


Web Browsers, E-mail, Chat

Software for the "Mac"

Other Free Sites, Online Tools, Useful Links...

Icons, Cursors, Startup Logos, Screen Savers, Desktop Tools

OFFICE (19) new
Miscellaneous Tools, Calculators, Conversion_Tools, Office Suites...

Linux, FreeBSD x86, Solaris SPARCS and IRIX

Command Line, Educational, Launchpads...

Server Daemon,Server Tools

Tools & Editors, Java, ActiveX

Monitoring Tools, Power Tools, Misc. Utilities, Printing Tools, Security Tools, Shutdown Utils, Service Packs & Updates

TEXT (11)
Text Editors, Text Utilities, Clipboard Tools, Fonts and Tools...

Antivirus, Backup, Compression...

HTML Editors, Site Managament
Xcelerate has a very good list of freeware programs (there's also shareware, but the website is split between the two.)
Thanks a lot man. Must have taken a lot of your time to find these and post them all! You have my appreciation..
Yeah, so much effort is required to cut and paste lists from websites.

Great post, keep them coming. Free apz are still the best! Very Happy
very nice guide. this helps alot thanks for the post m8
Off the top of my head you could add Opera and DVD Shrink and uTorrent to the list
Thanks! I will look through the list and see what programs would be useful.
Thanks for the quick links, I can come back here and use them when I need.
I already bookmarked this page in my Opera browser.
Great informative guide...very helpful....
Nice Post...I know Toms hardware guide...ran a list of few free window pep up...
Ditto- good copy and paste utitlity
CDex- For ripping Mp3 and managing audio
7-Zip - for zip
to name a few....
Twisted Evil
Or you could just uninstall Windows and go with Linux?
Linux itself should be on the list!
As well as all other free OS's
James Bond-007
It's pretty nice to know the free programs out there. Good thinking.
Nice guide im using avas now Smile i hated nortan antivirus thinking about burning it
Recently I get to know about It is a simple site from where you can download almost all good freeware software very easily. It is a two click download site. Contents are organised in the front page itself, very clearly and neatly. You will definetly fell in love with it if you are freeware lover. Also contents are updated every day. You will always get the new versions.
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