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'Safe cigarette' is claimed to cut cancer by 90%

BRITISH American Tobacco is to launch a controversial “safer cigarette” designed to cut the risk of smoking-related diseases such as cancer and heart failure by up to 90%. The cigarettes use tobacco treated to produce lower levels of cancer-causing chemicals. They also incorporate a new type of filter said to remove more of the remaining toxins.

The company wants to launch the cigarettes in 2006 but has kept the move secret, knowing it would infuriate anti-smoking groups.

I think that it's a scary moove... they want to make people believe that smoking is no risk free!!!!!!!!!
I don't think cigs would be that bad for you, if they only put tobaco in them, and not all the other crap.
It would have been better if they had just done this to all cigarettes without informing people, saying its safer may get more people smoking.
They didnt say if it still causes other damage other than cancer
yeah well BAT is out to make some serious cash, and it's not exactly the most honest industry in the world. In effect they are drug dealers who are legally allowed to deal to their addicts
heh, riiiiiight. Ill just wait for the lawsuits to pile up now against this new "safe" cigarette.
yeah they usually create something that stops one thing then creates somin else!

i once had antibiotics perscribed to me for a foot infection, i read the info inside... and it sed stuff like....

takin these may cause,

drowsyness, diharea (spellings wrong lol), a rash, itchyness, darkning of the pignment in the eyes, bluryness, dizzyness, insomnia, constipation

alsorts ... its wierd wonder wat it'd be like to be drowsey and have insomnia at the same time... or constipation with diharea...

more risky to take the pills then suffer with the infection haha! Laughing
it's just a marketing strategy. get additional money from smoke addicts. it's still can end you up in a hospital then grave yard. just quit smoking, then mission accomplished. Very Happy

smoking = suffering

lost money
lost healthy
lost women (smoker hater)
lost fun (impotence)
and many more

effect of smoking =

1% mental emotion benefit
99% suffer

realize that
It will be a life saver for me .. but I live in INDIA...
I bet smokers will find some excuse to use normal smokes for some stupid reason, like it's not strong enough, or it tasks funny.
I know some really addicted smokers, and they dont react well to smokes change.
yo dudes, its just that they can make even more money doing that. it has nothing to do with being safer. look at the recording industry and thier actions now. they're not trying to work with anyone, they just do whatever they have to do to keep thier profit margins the same.
I heard the safe fag on the radio some time ago, I think you should cut out smoking all togeather! Wink
Sounds like a good idea but I think they will be more expensive thatn regular cigarettes, so not manyf people will buy them.
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