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Name that tune contest.

5 coins to the person who can correctly guess the name of this tune. It's been one of my favorite tunes for several years and it's possibly about as obscure as they get.

If nobody knows the name, then the winner will be the one who correctly guesses best about the other details of the song.

Points will be awarded Arbitrarily by guessing:
■ What inspired the the song title?
■ The main website that hosts the song.
■ The length of the song?
■ Who composed the music?
■ The order of the 6 clips
■ Other details

Some facts:
■ There are no vocals/lyrics to the song
■ I did not intentionally alter, distort or enhance the song clips in any way
■ I have nothing to do with the song, I don't personally know anyone involved with it.
■ The original song file plays in a fresh VLC install
■ It is to the best of my knowledge an original composition
■ The song has been free for download on the internet for over 10 years
■ It's hosted or indexed on 2 or more music related websites
■ If you know the song title, google will find the page to the song.
■ It wasn't composed by anyone famous
I don't know this song so I'm guessing it's from a sidescroller/adventure game made by a small European company.
It's neither from a game, or from any sized company. Although from my research a few years later the composer claimed to have made 15 other songs for 3 games (of their 4 shareware games) for a small non European game company.
More clues/facts about the first song

■ It was composed by two people. The "co-author" is "Phil Brown"
■ At the time they were both probably living in Texas based on the ISP of their email addresses
■ The song title is 3 words, it's named after a comment that Phil made after they listened to the song one last time.

I added a second song to the contest.
It's on the same page as the first one. It isn't as obscure as the first one.

Clues to the 2nd song:
■ There are no vocals/lyrics to the song
■ Since it's probably copyrighted I intentionally added some fairly loud static to the whole clip.
■ It is from the year 1975, it's the 2nd song on their first album originally released that year, the first of their over 30 albums
■ It is the 1st song on a compilation audio CD released in the year 2013
■ If you have been in a store in america that plays a wide range of music there's a good chance you've heard one or more of their other songs in the last 2 months of the year.
■ Googling just the song title alone will obviously not help you find the song.
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