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What are you opinions on the United States Bill of Rights?

What do you think should be done to the United States Bill of Rights?
It should be reworded.
 16%  [ 1 ]
It should be removed.
 0%  [ 0 ]
It needs small changes.
 0%  [ 0 ]
It needs lots of changes.
 16%  [ 1 ]
Its close enough.
 33%  [ 2 ]
Who cares?
 16%  [ 1 ]
What in the world is a United States Bill of Rights?
 16%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 6

I personaly think they are nearly prefect , but should be reworded to keep up with the times. I believe that all U.S. citizens over the age of 18 with no prior gun related felony should be alowed to own, purchase, and carry a gun.

I'm from Texas and i strongly believe that if someone breaks into my home they are not gunna miss the sound of my shotgun cocking and that sound alone would scare most burglers.

Please feel free to disagree.
Wow you have no opinion for its a good thing I personally read the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence in school because we had to. Some one the words need to be reworded but those were a long time ago, like the when you cant house soilders they jus tneed to make it again or something.
lilrage wrote:
reworded to keep up with the times.


The times need to catch up on some literacy

"The Founders were talking about 18th century flintlocks, not modern high capacity firearms. So the only firearms which are protected are those available when the Constitution was ratified."

To which the response is two-fold. The Founders permitted the private ownership of the most advanced weaponry available at the time. [Or, state-of-the-art.] By the same logic, we should also be permitted to own the most advanced weaponry of our time.

Additionally, consider the "privateers" of the 18th century. They were private ship owners who, during the Revolution, were commissioned by the Continental Congress to install cannon on their ships and attack British merchant shipping. How would today’s gun-grabbers, who get hysterical whenever anyone suggests that people be permitted to own an "assault weapon", react to the idea that we be permitted to buy a cannon with live ammunition (or, for that matter, even a functioning Revolutionary War era field-piece)?

Now let’s apply the "logic" of this technology-based argument to other Constitutional rights. How did the Founders exercise their rights under the First Amendment? They printed newspapers (no radio or television, of course) with hand-operated printing presses in which the type was set by manually, one letter or one word at a time from trays of letters. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, sorry, you’re out of business. As for the New York Times and the Washington Post, time to get rid of your word processors and electronic printing presses. Hand-set type in a hand operated printing press only, please. And get rid of all those gasoline-burning trucks used to deliver your newspapers. You can convert the garage space that those trucks now occupy into stables for your new "fleet" of horse-drawn wagons. And of course the jump back to the 18th century cannot be limited to the media.

How many of the gun-banners would like to see the scope and reach of the federal government cut back to 18th century levels, accompanied by the prompt abolition of a whole plethora of federal departments and agencies that have no legitimacy under a Constitutionally limited republic?

Prisoner-rights advocates better get ready for some changes as well. The death penalty was well used in colonial times, and those authorities weren’t much concerned with making the execution less traumatic for the convicted murderer. Forget lethal injections. Under the "logic" of this argument, prisons will start rebuilding their gallows, and reconstituting and training firing squads. Using 18th century flintlocks, perhaps.

Yes, I do recognize your poisition on the right of the individual to defend himself with lethal force but you'll falling into a tired OLD trap of modernism.

Should we rewrite Shakespear next?
The bill of rights is an instution in the US culture. It represents its democratical values. How ever seeing it from the outside world the bill of rights is like something they forget to include in the constitution and put it in a separate sheet of paper describing the things that obviously must be looked at and protected.
It is part of the US flolklor.
I tend to agree with it (untill the Supreme suckers get involved), then it seems to go all political/haywire.
so no1 else has an opinion?
Well I disagree with the misuse of the Bill of Rights. In the past the government has added amendments which restricted rights and there is that debate about adding an amendment to the Bill of Rights (which is an amendment to the Constitution, blah blah blah...) stating that "marriage is a union between a man and woman". I think that is political nonsense, regardless of your stance on gay marriage, adding a restriction to an individuals rights in the very law to protect those rights is a load of crap; it'd be one thing to make it just some state/fed law but as an amendment to the Constitution as Bush and other politicians want is out of the realm of their authority.
I have no idea about the bill of rights but i do believe that if someone breaks into your houser that you should be able to kill them

In the UK it sucks tho, everything is so politically correct. A guy got life in prision a few years ago after shooting someone dead who broke into his house! Thats complete crap, if the guy didnt want to get shot then he shouldnt have taken the risk of breaking in

Isit true that in texas and florida that you are alowed to carry a gun on you at all times, even in public? Also i heard that in those 2 states, that if somebody haresses you on the street, you have the right to defend yourself at all costs; shoot them? I wouldnt mind having that law introduced here Razz
Why isn't there an option for voting that it's fine the way it is? The Bills of Rights doesn't need to be changed, it's more than effective. Of course, citizens can exploit their rights, but that's their own ethical decision, and it's only going to hurt them in the long run when they annoy everyone they meet.

Mark: I believe that's true, but you're required to have a concealed weapons permit. If you're cought without one, you're going to be in trouble. Not only that, Florida has strict laws when it comes to punishing gun users.
yes the bill of rights is a very good thing but i stil think a few things should be reworded

US Constitution is awsome to but thats anoither story.
lol, a concealed gun permit? USA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!
aint that tha truth
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