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Debate : Health or Beauty

What would you choose , be 100% healthy or be most beautiful ?
I think healthy is beautiful. Certainly eating for example is something we want to watch so that we feel good. If we care about ourselves our complexion will affected and our skin react in a positive way. If we want to use products we can find ones that are not detrimental to our health. A healthy lifestyle will enhance our good looks.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what's beautiful for one person may be different for another. So probably not a good comparison. I'd say however that beauty without health won't last very long.
How long would these things last? I guess I could not stay healthy forever or I would be immortal. Anyway I say health > beauty.
Health is the most important of all. With healthy someone can get beauty with modern technology and modern medical science. Life will not good if we have disease in our body. Beauty is useless if we are very sick. Beauty is relative, different person will have it's own standard to describe about someone's beauty.
I think health is very important.If you r healthy,it means you look better or you can say you look beautiful.So according to me health is very important.
OK I agree healthy is beautiful - sure there are beautiful women that are not very healthy and there are women that one might not consider beautiful but they are very attractive because they are very healthy.

There are numerous women in the Figure Athletes and Fitness Athletes that are down right hot and sexy and their lean muscular bodies make them super attractive. Even though I dare say they are not what someone would consider classically beautiful in the face.

Likewise how many times have you met a beautiful woman that is over weight, crabby, and mean, and after a while no matter how beautiful she is you don't want to associate with her or talk to her.

So all in all I think that healthy muscular fit women are very attractive - and I would choose a woman like that over an extremely beautiful woman that is not fit and healthy - Cool
Da Rossa
The way I see it, people who cultivate beauty also cultivate health.
Da Rossa wrote:
The way I see it, people who cultivate beauty also cultivate health.
Well said. To look beautiful, people need to get plenty of good night's rest, exercise, eat healthy food.
Being healthy is itself being beautiful.
Conversation can go long if we start arguing what type of beauty are you referring - Inner beauty or outer beauty.

Person is liked by everyone if he is healthy and have good attitude.
I will choose 100% healthy. Beauty comes with healthiness but beauty does not guaranteed health.
Health is very important than beauty.
if you r healthy you r beautiful too.
If you are healthy you also are beautiful.
drpoet wrote:
What would you choose , be 100% healthy or be most beautiful ?

Health is wealth. An unhealthy person will never look beautiful. Real beauty only comes in a healthy body. Only fake and momentum beauty can come by ignoring health.

I will always chose health over beauty.
drpoet wrote:
What would you choose , be 100% healthy or be most beautiful ?

Healthy is beautiful. I cannot understand how to be sick can be beautiful.

Babies are beautiful. Babies are healthy. Using drugs is destroying health and skin. Why this should make beautiful?
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