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Dual Boot Problem

I wrongly installed windows xp first and then win 98

but now i want to login to windows xp what can i do? how to restore my system to original windows xp
win 98...... ............................ ........................................... seriously?

ok, I would just boot from the install CD, remove the partitions, create new partitions and reinstall XP entirely.

EDIT: Is there a specific reason for you to be using win98? do you have some legacy software that was created for 98? there is compatibility mode in XP so if this is the case you can run it in XP.
thanks for your tips, but my files are already there is c also, so what can i do? one software is running only in my win 98 only speech software, so i am using it in win 98
bad moves...
the only way I can think of... for you to do this is to backup your files while in xp and then re-do the install. Install 98 then xp and reload everything.
Use Linux live cd to backup your files in c.
And then reinstall the OS.
If you have them on separate partitions then follow the instruction of this link : , with some repairs done to Boot records and boot files you can get the boot menu shown again and do a dual boot.
Again re installed your computer.
You could always boot up a live recovery disk, run diskpart in the command prompt, and set the xp partition as active rather than the 98 one, then it'll boot up in winxp. PM me if you need help how. There's a few easy commands to do it.[/list]
fresh install OS
U can use VMWare or Virtual Box for trying different OS
Not too hard unless you have done something realy bad. Try this:
Start form Windows XP CD. Select repair from Recovery console.
It will detect your XP partition, and ask for a password, type it or leave blank if you don't have any.
Then run this commands (ensure that c: was the drive where XP was before):
fixmbr c:
copy X:\i386\ntldr c:\
copy X:\i386\ c:\

now reboot and with some luck it will be working again! Wink
thanks for your tips
If you have installed them in separate drives then you can install Grub4dos on your computer and do the setting to make a dual boot.
I second the idea of installing Windows 98 in a Virtual Machine. VirtualBox is free so that's a no brainer.

also, as I mentioned in my first post. if you right click the executable and select properties. then in the Compatibility mode tab Enable the "Run this program in compatibility mode" option and then you select Windows 98.

I've seen a lot of sites on the internet that claim you can run 2 different types of Windows versions on 1 machine but all I've seen is trouble.
Since the OP was in 2013 this is more for anyone who might stumble upon this thread and be interested.

Uninstall windows and install linux. Don't look back! Smile If only it were that easy, right? Seriously though linux is more secure, and most people don't actually have a good reason not to switch to linux because they don't use any software features that are not available in linux.

I haven't run win98 in 15 years. I find it hard to believe that you're stuck that far back. If it's because you have speech software that you paid for then I strongly suggest you look at what is available in the open source world. There are probably tons of options available to download for free in linux repositories. You get the added benefit of using the most secure OS available. I can't imagine how infected a unsupported win98 system would get browsing the web these days.
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