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Want a new laptop!

My laptop is not working well and I decided to buy it new one. Which laptop will be good in my budget? My budget is just 500$. Suggest me to decide.
is u can increase ur budget a bit higher,
buy lenovo g505s.
decent laptop with nice specifications. Cool
Nowadays there are actually quite a few options available under $500. But much of it depends on what you plan on doing and what your priorities are.

What do you plan on doing with the laptop? How much portability are you looking for? Do you need business-class build quality? How about a long battery life?

If you're just word processing and browsing the web, there's plenty that will do the job nicely. If you're gaming, there are actually some notebooks with discrete graphics available under $500 like the Acer Aspire V3 (but are AMD powered, so you lose out in CPU performance).
You budget is a little bit small considering you will be needing a good laptop with good specification to serve you well.

You can also go for a fairly used laptop. I am sure you can get a good one with that price.
For 500 you can get a really decent laptop if you keep an eye out on deals. Most Walmarts
and online store or even eBay and Amazon have decent laptops under 500. It really depends on
what you plan to use it for. If its going to be for in intensive high graphic gaming, then save up
more money, because 500 will not buy you a laptop with good gaming results.
But if its just for normal stuff like watching online videos, browsing internet, word processing,
even photoshop, then 500 is good enough. Just stay away from Celeron processors and try to get
at least 4gb of ram and Windows 7. If you are buying used, then stay away from Windows Vista.
if you only use it for regular surfing, facebook and reading the online papers then by all means go ahead and buy a 500$ laptop, but, IMO, for 500$ you end up wishing you had invested 300$ more.
my first laptop was in that price range and I had bought it because I started evening school to get a bachelor degree in IT. after the first year I had issues with larger Visual studio projects that took ages to start up and not to even mention build the actual application.
before the start of the second year I bought a decent laptop for just 300 more and boy what a difference.

EDIT: forget Gaming in that price range
In this budget you have a good option of sony vio, samsung.
EDIT: forget Gaming in that price range

Depends what games you are playing:

You might want to consider at the Lenovo G505S if you plan on doing light gaming.

Under $500 gaming laptops are suggested for games such as World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Runescape, etc.

This Lenovo model on Newegg looks pretty good for $529. It only has 11 reviews so far, but it has a 5 egg rating (the best it can get). It has a pretty fast CPU for the price, 6 GB of memory, and 1 TB hard drive. I'd probably buy it. Smile

I'm not sure exactly what games it will run, but I'm pretty sure it would be fine for World of Warcraft.
nelson wrote:
My laptop is not working well and I decided to buy it new one. Which laptop will be good in my budget? My budget is just 500$. Suggest me to decide.

I tihnk Lenovo ThinkPad suits best. Just google around.
Lenovo is cheap and good brand for notebook, you can choose many series, especially the Ideapad series, for your budget..
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