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Julian May: Metaconcert & Pliocene Exile

A bit like Orson Scott Card. The most intense sci-fi I've ever read, about the human races integration into a ore-existing galactic civilization. Sci-fi generally suffers from lack of character development, but her books are at the other extreme, the character development is incredibly complex, which goes with the terroritory of a future based on technological integration of psychic powers. It is also one of the most complete ethnographies that I have ever come across. Julian May is hard to follow sometimes because she is so extremely educated and erudite that I couldn't always follow her references. I felt like I need a set of Brittanicas to figure out some of her references, but if you just skip over those parts and keep on going it is one of the most fascinating and intrictate stories in all of liturature, save history itself.

There are three series, the first two focus on the future, but the third is millions of years in the past. The intergration of humans into the galactic civilization triggers a human rebellion and when the rebels loose their leaders escape through a time gate back in time to the Pliocene, 6 million years ago. there they encounter another alien race that was here long ago and who are strangely genetically compatible with humans. As it turns out later in the series, they are actually an intergral part of human genetic heritage, although how this could be is never actually fleshed out. It's the only conceptually weak spot in a sequence of books that is otherwise filled to the brim with complex technical and plot notions that are completely self-consistent.
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