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My Prospects with these Scores

I am an Indian, presently in the 12th grade. I have scored 2160/2400 on SAT Reasoning Test and 117/120 on the TOEFL. I'd like to know if anyone has an idea what kind of colleges in the US may accept me. That is, after looking at my profile and essays and all. I have a superb academic record in school and have been an active participant in various Olympiads at the National and International Level, and have secured top ranks in all of them.

I want to pursue an undergraduate course in Computer Science from one of the best universities in the world. Suggestions are welcome. Smile
To get an accurate representation I think it would be useful to see the actual percentile and not the score itself. Most people have no idea where those scores line up with, but the percentile is a more accurate portrayal of your competitiveness in getting into school.

If I remember correctly I scored around there on my SAT many many years ago, and I was accepted everywhere I applied.

My advice is pick some schools in locations you would like to live. For example if you like large class sizes, cities, and snow than look at schools in NYC, Boston, etc. If you want warmer weather look further south.

In reality the school you go too doesn't matter that much, the quality of education you get matters, but the most important thing is that you like where you live and are happy.

So make sure they have a good graduate job placement percentage, and talk to some students from the school, that is the best way to get an accurate perception of the school.
Those scores aren't too bad. I would agree that you should think about which places you would like to be before choosing a school. There are more things to take into account. As for California, you can probably get into most UCs, depending on your grades, coursework, and other things of course. But look at which colleges have the best location for you, as well as the best department for what you want to learn.
I like Coolclay's advice. I'd say there would be a big list of Universities you'd be able to Google all over the world from which you'd get more or less the same standard of tuition, but it's the total package that counts. I.e. you should like the place you live in, maybe even want to work in after you have completed your studies. I won't exclude Australia, New Zealand and Canada. New Zealand would be quite high on my list as they have very high standards in education, plenty of prospects for settling there, etc. I'd have wanted to go to Christchurch, so maybe you could have a look at this Website:
I haven't taken the SAT 1 but have taken Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in SAT 2. I got some decent scores and wanted to try abroad. I did some pretty extensive research on the best colleges in the USA at that time. I think most colleges in the USA will accept you with those scores. However, you should base your choices around where you can get a part time job easily, as well as the general climate, the people etc. I, myself, ended up not pursuing my plan to go abroad because I got a full scholarship seat in the best university right here. Perhaps I'll try for my Masters, Very Happy
Thank you all for your suggestions. I'll certainly ponder upon them. In particular, thanks coolclay for your response.
My guidance is choose some educational institutions in places you would like to stay. For example if you like huge category dimensions, places, and snowfall than look at educational institutions in NYC, Birkenstock boston, etc. If you want hotter climate look further southern.
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