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Offer: I can install lots of things...

I can install the following for FRIH$30 up on your Frihost account and possibly more...PM me if you have another script you'd like me to look at. I will not install any software that has to be purchased or any shopping cart systems. I also cannot install scripts that require a modification of php.ini because Frihost does not allow a modifiation of that file. Also, I won't install two scripts on the same database.

> I can install usually any forums systembased on PHP/MySQL/both, for example phpBB2, MercuryBoard, SMF, PBLang.
> I can install usually any file manager/document repository system based on PHP/MySQL/both, for example OWL, phpATM, yaDMS.
> I can install usually any chat/guestbox system based on PHP/MySQL/both, for example ShoutBox, PCPIN Chat, PHPOpenChat.
> I am open to considering installing any other script based on PHP and/or MySQL.

Generally, I will want FRIH$30 as a base fee for setting up PHP scripts with a MySQL database and then additional fees as follows -
> FRIH$10 if I have to manually CHMOD a lot of files I uploaded.
> FRIH$10 if I have to modify the script more than is usually necessary to fit your site. NOTE: I would modify for compatibility reasons ONLY, not to add features or make the layout look better.
> FRIH$10 if I have to do more than is necessary to set up the script with the script, ie set up user accounts on a script. I will NOT add accounts for more than 5 users; that should be plenty to allow admins to set up accounts from there.
> FRIH$10 if setting up the script requires me to do an extensive amount of work to configure it.

To get an estimate, PM me and tell me the name of the script and what you want me to do with it. I will take payment beforehand and refund all but FRI$10 of what you pay me if the script does not work smoothly. I will almost always need full access to cPanel and FTP to ensure that I can set up the script without your help. If you do not give me the access to cPanel and FTP that I request and I cannot set up the script correctly, I will only refund 1/3 of what you pay me because the problem is not that I cannot set up the script but that I do not have permissions to set it up. I have a lot of experience setting up all kinds of PHP and MySQL stuff and almost certainly will be able to set up your script if you are willing to give me permissions.
Mine is better Smile get all money back if it doesn't work Smile Cool and very cheap Smile beat that 10frih$ for an installation of phpbb... I will install easy mod, then you can easily do what you want. If you crash your own forums with a not working mod running through easy mod, it is your problem though... lets see, offer better and I might take a challenge...
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