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old boy

Did anyone see this movie?
It's a north korean one. Amazing images, good lighting and a really freaky story.
And the best thing is, that it is accesible for western viewers too, which is not that common for asian movies.
definately a must see for my taste.
Yes one of those rare movies that no hollywood movies can match, definitely worth seein even thou some of us may think that the story isnt for everyone for sure. Brilliant and at the same time very well executed film.

I've heard that there will be a hollywood remake, i doubt they can come close to the quality of original, and rumor is that they will even change the plot. I am not surprised couse the original plot is a little bit too shockin for an average american, but i am also curious how can they change it without changin the whole idea behind this movie, i dont think its possible.
I saw this at an international film festival and LOVED it!!
I'm a little scared about the new USA version will work out...
if it gets made (i hope not!!)
Damn, that's bad to hear. This movie doesn't deserve a Hollywood remake, for the reasons above of course. Oldboy is quality and the story is really Asian if you ask me, so why the Americans have to ****** it up then...
Definetely, a very good film.
The sequence on the corridor, with the hammer. It's breathtaking.
* no, I don't like the sequence with the squid. Wink

I think it has a little obvious final, but I love the way how the director puts the violence into film.
Perhaps, this "violence" issue is aming several films from today: "Kill Bill" series (specially 'volume 1'), "City of God" and others.
Old boy is in my top 5 list, right next to City of god.
An amazing film! Completely breathtaking.
Its very sad to hear that hollywood is going to remake it.
It'll be like The ring, terrible.
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