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ATI 9600xt AIW Making lots of noise

Hey everyone,

I've had a ATI 9600xt AIW for about a year now and then all of a sudden one day it just starts sounding like an airplane and shaking my whole computer. Luckily I bought an extended warranty and returned it for another one. I put the new one in and it's barely even noticeable. Seems rediculously quite compared to the old noisey one for the past couple of weeks. Three days later, boom, it's making the noise again. Mad

Could it be that I just happened to get a lemon by coincidence and I should return it again? or is there maybe some setting I need to adjust to prevent this? Anyone with this card that has had any similiar experience? Even if your card is perfectly fine could you post so and state how long you've had it?

Ok, first, make open the side of your case and make SURE the noise/vibration is coming from your 9600XT it may just be your Cd/dvd drive spinning up and down. Next, make sure that there is nothing in the way of the fan on the unit (and check to see if the fan is functioning, or the noise seems to be coming from there) and make sure the screw to hold the card in is in place.

Remember to always touch the case (to ground yourself) before examining anything inside.

The only thing that could do this on the video card is again, the fan, however i have a 9600XT (for 1.5 years, no problems), and the fan is hardly big enough to "shake the whole case" so idk... More information would be helpful.
Well if you are sure that it is your ATi then I would recomend you just ajusting the fan a bit... the fan is the only part of new computers, which cause noise (well except for the CD/DVD drive)
My friend seemed to have that same problem and so he bought a WaterCooling device. His computer is extremly quiet!!! Of course that is kind of the expensive way to go, but you could probably get better fans, which are much quieter.
Maybe its collecting dust?? Try cleaning your case!
And maybe don't overclock it or anything!
The cooler of my ATI Radeon 9600XT stopped working a few days a go.
Turning the videocard into a fireball.

I bought a new cooler at my local hardware store for $10.
I just installed it in my computer and my computer cool once again.
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