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this is what i need right now to achieved my dreams FAITH
Yep, the faith of a little child. Have you ever watched a little kid jump into a swimming pool into the arms of his Dad. He will climb out and run round and jump again and again never once thinking that his Dad may drop him or miscatch him. He has total faith in his Dad's ability to catch him and never has a negative thought about it.
That is the faith of a little child. If we can recapture that little child faith and apply it to our relationship with our God then we will be flying.
try Sψren Kierkegaard leap into sin and into faith. Wink
first learn to respect yourself and trust on self.
I have dealt with the aspect of using your faith to create your life for decades now - actually the truth of the matter is that this topic of having faith is why I lost my faith in god and really doubt the existence of a higher being!

Here is why - OK you have complete faith in yourself and your abilities - you undertake a project to build a business and personal wealth - and you are bombarded by negativity, hardships, and everything you imagine will happen does not - and it seems the reverse happens!

You talk to people in the know and you get - You don't have enough faith, not enough faith in god, or yourself. You didn't imagine it "enough", you didn't visualize it "enough", you didn't work hard "enough", and a whole bunch of condemning statements about how flawed you are and how lazy you are.

Typically these statements are far from the truth, and have no basis in reality! These are the statements of scam artists selling a lie and they really have nothing to offer!

Is there a god that answers prayers? I don't know! Is there a force in the universe that reflects back to you your thoughts and feelings? I don't know!

I do know that if you think positive, keep thinking positively, stay motivated and no matter how much failure and rejection you experience - you keep imagining it, keep visualizing your self obtaining the success you want, and no matter what hardship you face - you stick with it and do not give up - that eventually your sub-conscious mind will be programmed with that success, the things you learned from your failures, and success will come!

Is that god that answers that? Maybe - maybe not! But the one thing I do know is that the spiritual people that toot toot - you can create your life with your thoughts are usually liars, scammers, and berate anyone that does not question them!

If they really did believe in a god they would have no reason to take up this type of behavior - If their example is what is supposed to induce faith in a higher power - then I can tell you they leave me sorely disappointed and obviously have no clue as to what it truly takes to become successful!
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