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Dark Water Bad

The previews for every movie makes it look as if it will be a blockbuster hit. It is all lies. I learned this last week, when I went to the movies to see Dark Water, the movie that has an excellent preview. The movie kicks off horribly, and ends up as toxic waste. The main plot to this movie, is that a girl and her mother move to an apartment where a ghost resides upstairs. Their leaks Dark Water all the time..and when the girls mom investigates this, see fins Dark Water everywhere. I wont tell you the ending, just in case you want to waste money too. Bottom line, I recommend this movie to anyone who has sleeping problems.But the Japanese Venison is a litter better.
Japanese version shud be better. It comes from the director of Ringu (original Japanese Ring) and Ring 2. Usually these Japanese and Korean directors are pretty good in creating a horror environment without using SFX or even background music. For them, silence is the biggest terror. And sure it is.
The japanese version is better. But you either like it or dont like it.

I enjoyed it.
I don't enjoy these kind of movies much...

I remember seeing the trailer for this movie and couldn't help thinking how bad it must be. When you think about it, the story is so empty and they show you probably 90% of the plot in the trailer.

Definitely NOT a movie I will spend money on. Even on DVD.
As a brazilian, I can say I see the film a bit different.
I know very well the work of Walter Salles, "Dark water" director.

In the moment I seat at the theater, I knew I was not going to watch a horror movie. Perhaps, suspense, but definetely not horror.
He treats things in a very kind way. He focused at the drama between the mother and his daughter. Real world problems.

So, I don't think the movie is bad. I think is misunderstood.
The studio announces as a creepy movie. But is not. Or it doesn't, after Salles' direction. The studio has cheated in selling a horror film.
As Meirelles' "The constant gardener", Salles wished to make a beautiful film, with good characters.

So, comparing this feature to "Ring", is the same as comparing "Saving Private Ryan" to "Apocalypse Now!". The theme is the same. But the threatment, not. Smile
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