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Which script is good to learn?

I want to learn some sort of script and the ones I have read about are: php, javascript and css and html.

I want to make good, webpages and make games (the games on sites like and also web games like kings of chaos).

Which of those would be usefull to learn and which one would not be too complicated?

Does anyone know any good, easy to understand sites to learn one off?

Which is most compadible?

OK, HTMl is not a scripting language but the core mark u lanuage of the web. THAT you gotta know. css is not a scripting language per se; it is a way of giving style directives to the browser so it knows how, and where to display your html elements. Think of it as an ini file for html.
PHP is servers side scripting This can be included in your html or be external. Very easy and powerful language learn it. Javascript is client side scripting language and can help in certain client-side appllications.
So learn HTML, try and learn good srict html and xhtml this is fast becoming an accepted norm for the web. Once you start getting a handle on that start tyoin with css. With these two you can present some very functional and beautiful pages.
Scripting? This depends on what you want to do. if you are looking at presenting data from your server based on certan variable conditions then go with a server side such as PHP. if you want to do all kinds of tricks and wizardry on the cllient side; javascript. I wold go with php yo can do a lot with it and the times you need a bt of client side scripting Javascripts can be had.
Thanks, know any good places to learn html???
To learn HTML try here:

but HTML is only a formatting language.
Try to learn also a dinamic language... like PHP. Wink
Also learn xHTML, because it is same as HTML, but more strict. It is more safe, because it doesn't let you to use single tags without ending and always must end tags.
i reccomend learning php & mysql i started teaching myself it back in june and now ive goto he point where i written a shop system where users can login and spend V money a whole members administration system where they apply to join i get an e-mail to activate teh account they can then login file reports and a page that shows all teh relevant information about the user
I think you must study them all,Because them all for good web devlop,
php, javascript and html is best need when you devlop a sites,If you let you sites look well,You must study css style!I think so....
u definatly need to know HTML, and knowing a bit of PHP cn make the site easier to maintain
Html is pretty raped up with frontpage...which is a pitty because the only thing frontpage supports (very well) is html, and php does'nt come out as a page, it comes out as a script thingy, which is freaking annoying! :@

Anyways, umm, learn CSS cause you need it to make really cool designs and links (with the underline and border and background color changing) easily.

And, PHP to make cool portals which practically needs less work then updating html (like my site Rolling Eyes lol). It is also good to learn about php to make contact stuff, and how much clicks on a link, which i find cool lol,

I wanna learn C++. i wanna make programs!
what you need for a full functional site:
HTML (xHTML), php, javascript, mysql. thats it! with these tools you can make monsters. but! it can take more than a year to get all this together if you are an absolute beginer.
and for learning all this i recomend BOOKS. books are allway the best. and they are cheep. offten come with cd's, examples and what is made in there is explaned step by step.
so go to a book store and get HTML and php first
For me.
Step 1 Html.
Step 2 JavaScript and CSS for Dymamic HTML
Step 3 Perl for CGI
Step 4 PHP
Step 5 XML-->WML for wap site

Now I just start to learn ASP and ASP.Net (Use C#).
I agree with amaudy, except for learning cgi...
well, it's your choice, but you can do plenty of things with the others he listed. I believe that you can do a nice good looking webpage using only php + css (and javascript too...)
I never got the chance to develop a site that uses cgi, that's why I have this opinion... I tried, but I quite didn't wanted to spend that much time learning it... Very Happy
the things im into learning

1. html
3. dhtml (if you know how to use it, its the best Smile just checkout this page:
Depends what you want to do. If you want to make dynamic websites, php and mysql are good combo's. I dislike php so I never got in to it. I like Javascript a lot. You know the main scripting behind all that fancy Ajax stuff. HTML and CSS are just plain necessary. Ruby on Rail is a good language too I hear.
well the only thing left out is how to make games like way is to learn flash...and learn it the player if you don`t already have it and flash from and play with them. Another easy way to make games(2d mostly) but most people don`t know about is game maker. It`s a very cool program for developing mini games. GOogle it and you shall find it Razz
Thanks everyone for the advice...i have already learnt the basics of html and i am learning i need to know really complicated css and html?
PHP and MySQL is your best bet for Dynamic websites, as they are most widely supported by webhosts and they are free.

As for games, the ones on miniclip are coded using flash.

Games that your play like RuneScape are coded in a language like C++ i think.

So really its up to you which language to learn but I think for websites, learn PHP and MySQL.
a pleasant script language to start with is Python. It's less useful if you want to develop only for the web (even though there are some modules for using python on a server the way php is used), but it's very easy to get started to python. There are also some modules for coding games, like pygames for ex.
Hey guys do you know where i can learn php for free? Razz
Richous05 wrote:
Hey guys do you know where i can learn php for free? Razz

Ive started learning HTML at
It's a very good website for learning scripts and its free. Its lessons are easy to understand, are "hands-on" and can be picked up anywhere.
Those that you mentioned are good ones. if you're going to make a good website, you're going to need all of those and I would also add MySQL to that list. all of those serve different purposes. HTML is the basic markup language that the browser understands. PHP is the server-side scripting language that you'll need if you want you site to be dynamic at all. javascript is the client-side scripting language, also very useful for things that can be done on the client side. and css is very useful for making the layout and design of your pages. learn them all and parlay them in your development.
if you're not really programming oriented, a server-side programming language that is really simple to learn is ColdFusion. I always prefer PHP for server-side programming, but some of the designers that I know say that they prefer ColdFusion because it was kinda made to be simple for designers and people who like to just drag-and-drop code. it uses a tag based syntax, which is simple if you're learning html at the same time. ColdFusion is made by macromedia also, so the development environment is pretty good. but the down-side is it's not free, and I think it is pretty limited compared to PHP and ASP.NET. I personally always recommend PHP and MySQL but if you don't want to get that deep into programming, check out coldfusion.
Ive started learning HTML at
It's a very good website for learning scripts and its free. Its lessons are easy to understand, are "hands-on" and can be picked up anywhere.
besides w3schools and i said *Php*
Google is your friend Very Happy
How is ASP as a language?? Can i use ASP with Apache2. I hate IIS. Also, can i use MySQL with ASP.
im not quite sure as i have never used asp Laughing
C++ owns the world....

Military Technology!
In order to learn any web scripting language you must have some basic idea about HTML.It is HyperText Markup Language.There is no programming involved in it.It's just a rendering language.It's easy to learn too.
Once you get hold of it learn Flash or CSS.
CSS is not a scripting language.It is a separation of design from HTML.Presently this is the trend used in web designing.
If you wanna make games like Miniclip then learn Flash.( You require certain amount of creativity there.
Regarding PHP or "PHP Hypertext Preprocessor" (, it is an Open source server side web scripting language which is very much popular now becuase of it's availability in both windows and linux servers.
Where as Javascript is a client side scripting language.
First, learn HTML.

Later on, move into dynamic pages:
Learn PHP.
Learn to integrate PHP with MySQL.
Later on, learn "true" programming languages such as C++.
I'll say PHP is a good script to learn. If you have used C++, you might be dealing with the same concepts found in PHP like classes, functions, etc. PHP is my best choice. And yah, HTML is not a scripting language like that member said. Its for the designing only. Very Happy
I'm pretty sure that ASP isn't supported by appache. the only web server that I ever used ASP on is IIS. ASP.NET is a very good scripting language with a very good development environment if you learn how to do it. ASP.NET has a lot of built in functions that make certain tasks pretty simple. I still prefer php, because its open source and its what I'm required to use the most, but I think that ASP.NET is a good language also. its definately one that I need to learn more of.
Thanks a lot everyone, i have learnt a few launguages and have started making some OK web pages. I must say, HTML is very involves lines of text for a very simple webpage!!!!
ok NOte to every one that reads this thread HTML ISNT A SCRIPTING LANGUAGE
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