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Yes, I know newbie questions but I'd appreciate the help.

Like the above.

I'm sure all these questions have already been answered but it's 3am and I can't be bothered doing all the searches so please no lecturing Wink

I'm wanting to use this thing to set up a website advertising the various cabarat nights within manchester, uk. What I'm needing exactly is:

The ability to have three seperate log ins. One for performers to register and create profiles. Secoundly for organisers that will be able to personally update their own personal sections of the site, and finally myself so I inker with things behind the scene.

So that'll include forums and a database of profiles.

I'm completely new to this, the closest I ever got was the command prompts in Flash MX. It hurt my head. bad flash, bad.

I once again apologise for my laziness but any help would be much appreciated.
Thats a pretty big project to have no idea about how to do it. Why not combine the logins into one?
Well, you gotta start somewhere. I want seperate login so I can restrict the areas of the site that the performer, organiser and such can go to. Hey, call me a control freak!

In the past I've been able to blag people I know to do this stuff for me - but unfortuently it seems I'm alone on this one at the mo. I'm just concern whether Frihost has the capabilities for what I need to do, also does anyone recommend any ease of use tutorials to kick me off?
Hey, it's someone who lives near me, woo!

This is a big project, I would recommend getting an out-of-the-box forum like phpBB and then using a php script to store the performers password, username and location of profile page in a database. You then need to spit out static pages, same with organizers. Something like that.

Sorry if that's a big vague but so were your specs.
y not have php nuke, and set up user groups liek artist and limit them to just changin profile pages etc...

then wen an artist joins u simply make them an artist mod!

sound ok?
Thanks for the help evryone. Just going through these HTML tutorials. I just hope once I've gone through enough of them the stuff you're saying will start to make sense. Nergh. Why o why o why am I making myself do this???

I suppose new skills are always useful. Sigh.
Use a CMS like e107, then setup 3 groups, and yhen restrict the access to each section to 1 group
Firstly, you won't be able to do it JUST with HTML. you will need some scripting/programming language to do the logins and password matching.
Also you will need a Database or a possible text files to hold your data. (A DB would be better)

I would,

create the form and set each different user with a level ie. 1 for admin 2 for performer 3 etc

then according to the login level direct the user to a different page.[/list]
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