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Slow Motion

Has anyone experienced moving in slow motion. A couple of times, especially in crises situations I have been in a slow motion mode where you can see stuff happening in slow motion. Once was in a car accident where I had plowed into the rear of a parked truck and I just sat there and watched the dashboard slowly crumpling up to the seat on the passenger side. It was quite extraordinary to experience and I was wondering if it was a normal experience and does anyone else experience it.
Yes, sometimes when i see the clock it is moving very slow in the first second. But the next seconds are moving in the normal tempo. Sometimes when waiting someone or waiting other things the times is moving very slow but the motion is normal. I think motion is relative. For flies and some other insect, we (human) move very slow in very slow motion. They can easily dodge our attack on them peace of cake.
The second time I experienced this was in a work situation. I was preparing a buffet restaurant for opening time and the guy cleaning the deep fryer got called away and left it switched on. I smelled the smoke and turned to see it had caught fire. I headed out to the kitchen and said,'don't panic, fire' and grabbed the fire blanket off the wall on my way past. Back out the other door I hit the exhaust switch to take the smoke out and smothered the fire with the blanket. The chefs all came running out to see what was happening but I had it all done. I was moving through the kitchen at a brisk walk but the chefs said I was going like a steam train. It seemed that I was mechanically moving through the process of getting the fire out step by step in a slow orderly fashion but apparently I was going so fast that it was all done before the chefs had time to react.
Well, I suppose this is the "life passing your eyes" effect that happens in a time of crisis,where your life can end...

Hm, I just have have had adrenaline times, once I was in a car crash but in the backseat. Adrenaline at the max and I just can duck...

Hm, no sorry have not truely experienced the slow motion time.

Slow motion effect occur because mind began to run fast.
Sounds like you are some kind of time bending super hero! I can't say I've ever had the sensation accept once and it was caused drug induced via psilocybin containing mushrooms. After Hurricane Izaac last year went though and left us without power for a week I figured I had some time to kill and ate some shrooms. My whole body moved in slow motion and my perception of reality was completely altered. It was one of the more spiritual experiences of my life.
Can't say I honestly have. My memories of situations sometimes play back at me in slow motion, but I don't know if it felt slow at the time.
I'd say my experience has been just the opposite. Extreme stuff that happened to me felt like a split second. Only slow a motion I've experienced was in my dreams. Like someone chasing you and you just can't get away fast enough. Very Happy
When I was a kid a routinely experienced super slow motion - all I had to do is go to school and sit down in class and time all of a sudden moved extremely slowly. However, I do not think that that is what you were talking about :) So I guess I'll just say, "No. I have not experienced slow motion."
yupe, some kind of shaders all around; like amnesia or adrenaline, motion blur & &&
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