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Plastic to Oil Converter

Take a look at this .

It looks promising. I see three downsides, two that I think could be manged; and two questions.

1. The converter's cost itself.

2. The human effort needed and/or cost associated by demanding clean plastic ONLY stuffed into the device's input hopper. Otherwise people wouldn't accept the cleanup mess when a typically 'dirty' household mix of whatever, and plastic waste are used as input. The high temps needed likely would 'cook' non plastic stuff onto the converter's interior surfaces, resulting in a laborious cleanup effort that would put many people off.


3. The energy needed to operate the converter (high heating = $$$)

There are many kinds of plastic. Would they all work, or would they have to be identified and separated?
good to know about this. Smile
Great video, and a really good idea. His machine might just be a crude prototype, but I think the idea is sound. Essentially _all_ plastic is made from oil, so I think it would work for any kind of plastic, as long as it could melt it. It might be that some really strong plastics would require too much heat to be economic.

I think in most cases the heat needed to convert would not be too high. A larger, 'industrial' machine might be better able to separate types of material so it wouldn't clog up easily. Perhaps an occasional use of higher heat, like a self-cleaning oven, could take care of the cleaning problem.
Interesting process but wasteful at least in this small scale. Output does justify the cost of heat put into the process. I did not see him mention the toxins released during the heating. Recovering and recycling plastic for reuse as plastic that is currently done is a far better choice.
its really good and informative. thanks
very interesting how you convert that
There are many thing that we have to investigate before we celebrate for an invention.
-First of all, how much energy we have to consume to transform plastic back to oil?
-Secondly, what quality of oil we produce and if the product need further treatment to be transformed into pure fuel?
-Finally, how much plasic we need for how much oil?
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