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Ever had this happen to your monitor

My computer stays on all the time. I do put it in 'standby' mode if I am going to be away for a while (sleep, work, etc.). So last week I go to use the computer, I turn on the monitor then move the mouse to 'wake up' the computer. The monitor displays the brand then goes into it's own 'sleep' mode. I move the the mouse and same thing happens. Finally, I shutdown the computer and restart then monitor is fine.
Never has happened before. Any thoughts?
I don't think it is your monitor, if you power on your screen and it only shows the brand logo before going to sleep then it doesn't receive a signal from your graphics card.
try updating your video card drivers. it could be that the graphics card doesn't resume after hibernation.
If it doesn't receive a signal shouldn't it say so then? Maybe you have a loose cable?
Peterssidan wrote:
If it doesn't receive a signal shouldn't it say so then? Maybe you have a loose cable?

with a loose cable it will definitely say 'check video cable'
I have narrowed the problem down to a one time glitch. Cables are tight. Monitor has not had a problem 'waking up' since. Bizarre how things happen sometimes.
It's not uncommon when you try to wake up a Windows computer from sleep. It's usually the graphics driver that causes it, but in most cases it's infrequent enough to not necessitate any further action. That said, there are some cases (like using an unofficial upgraded laptop video card) where the graphics drivers are just incapable of working properly when coming out of sleep mode. Usually the solution is to rely solely on hibernation.
Most of the replies assume that you are using a windows OS. Ubuntu Linux used to suffer from the same issue, it later turned out that the Ubuntu problem was due to an issue relating to the graphics card synchronising to screen blanking screen saver setting. My advice to you is to perform a windows update either by using the Microsoft update manager or by using Autopatcher (offline updating). You may also want to look into energy saving settings on your monitor, they sometimes have handling problems with certain operating systems.
Some times it was happen due to signals.
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