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Stag Parties In UK

Went for a good friends stag party yesterday in Bournemouth, which ended up in a trip to A&E which is always a good sign.

The stag fell over and bumped his head against a pillar at a nightclub and required his head glueing back together again.

Have you got any fun stories of stag and bachelor parties?
I can't say I've ever heard of a stag party before. I know what a stag is, but never in relation to a party. Please explain.
What is a stag party:

The first few times I read the post I was thinking the "stag" bumped his head so hard his whole head/skull needed to be glued back together.

After a few google searches for that kind of medical operation I realized medesignz was probably referring to using a medical glue product to seal a small cut as opposed to using a bandage.
I would not be happy if my groom had to get his head glued back together. In general, honestly, I find this annoying to the maximum. If the man is getting married presumably he has been in a manogomous relationship for some time, it is too late.
It is just an excuse for men to keep going to strippers, all women will remember it quietly until they do something bad and then you will see, she will be all like, well I may have had sex with one man but you have been to the strippers 7 times or whatever... yeah I'm saving them up, I don't forget.
Weak men, that is what it is.
Go to burlesque or something decent, all this stripper stuff degrades women.
Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes Rolling Eyes

Who said anything about strippers? We watched the football, had a few beers and went to all round wholesome nightclub to spend some guy time together.

My friends and I have all moved on from where we grew up so its very rare that we can all meet up and talk about old times and new.

Not a stripper was sought, and a silly accident occurred.

Perhaps its deflection?
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