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Propoganda in Media

Greetings, anyone interested in this field?Smile I am planning to continue my studies in this field. Please let me knof if you are interested:)
What studies in particular?
I think the last thing I read on that subject was Chomsky's Manufacturing Consent....some while ago...
Propaganda in Media.
My first thought is J.Göbbels.
Propaganda in Media is a strong weapon in the hands of extremists.
My opinion is that there is bias in all media, but some media sources have an obvious agenda. Can I prove this? Probably not, but that would be an interesting topic. Smile
How would one go about proving that a particular media source is biased?
Basically, i think phenomena of 25th frame now is actual. Especially, in films for kids. Of course, this is only one of the sides of propaganda in media.
a while ago a film was recommended to me by some friends, it's called "the century of the self"
it is widely about the use of sigmund freuds ideas about psychology, also in nazi-germany and later in the united states. what the nazis used to call 'propaganda' was actually the same thing some psycologists with the backup of the economic establishment applied to marketing culture - one of them tells that story in an interview, and he says they just didn't want to name it 'propaganda', so they took 'public relations' instead...
eventually the film can be found on youtube, maybe part by part:
I'm a big fan of Karl Popper. Falsifiability and other great ideas was started by him.
I thin that also a deep knowledge of selling techniques can be usefull Laughing
There is all kinds of propaganda in media - what type of propaganda are you looking to study, marketing and advertising? Conspiracy Theories? Miss information about our government and what they are passing as laws?

Just wondering what area of the propaganda machine were you looking to study!

I have always found it interesting that when something serious starts to happen overseas, or with the death of someone seemingly insignificant yet very important that something in the news crops up that grabs everyone's attention. Examples are the security act was being passed by congress, but before and news media outlets would report on it Caitlyn Jenner comes out and that is all the news reports!

I call it "Look at the funny monkey" propaganda - they aren't really miss reporting any thing, they are just using diversionary tactics that works on about 90% of the population!
Da Rossa
Greetings, anyone interested in this field?Smile I am planning to continue my studies in this field. Please let me knof if you are interested:)

Wow, I'm interested as an enthusiast, but not as my main field of research. I've come across the studies of Olavo de Carvalho (, a Brazilian philosopher that discussed, along seven years in this podcast, how propaganda is perpetrated through the media, both Brazilian and American (he lives in Richmond, Virginia, and won't be coming back to Brazil)

But what countries are you talking about? Western, 'free' countries, or places like North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba and China?
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