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someone broke into my apartment???

hello evryone , this morning i was woken up by the sound of someone inside my apartment by the time i got up the person was already gone...the funny thing is.. everything was fine , nothing was missing , so you know when you now woken up you got to
go *leak* , so when i went there , i noticed all my toilet paper on the roll were gone and the seat was down.. so i thought to myself maybe i left it so last night.. but a few hours into the day when i was coming home from work my neighbour stopped me on my way to my apartment and told me this morning i used your extra key and came into your bathroom and used it because mine is broken ... i was shocked when i heard that .. but i said to myself that's ok becuz she invites me for food all the time luckily anything wasn't missing..>>>

if that was you what would you have done???
did any one ever broke into your apartment or house just to use the bathroom???
if so how did you react??
The question here is how cute is your neighbour.
If she ranges from 7-10, you can tell her it's definitely of to come anytime to poop in your bathroom, it's the first step to a healthy relationship.
If she is between 4-6, you can ask her sexual favors or compensation for the cleaning process and the toilet paper.
If she is below 3, you have to put an electrical lock which opens only if she put coins in. This way, you will maintain a steady income.
You can tell her she can have in option desinfectant, water, books, for a price of course Razz
Why does she have your extra key? This sounds like you have a good relationship with her already. I wouldn't let it bother me. If it does bother you, you need to talk to her about it.
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