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Which city do you prefer in China?

Hello everybody!

To all the one who already went to China, is there a part of the country you prefer?
Personally I really love Xinjiang autonomous province, a semi-desert/desert region.
The landscapes are marvellous, but there are also great antique building.
They have great food and the best fruits I have eaten in my life!
The only problem is the social unstabilities there, as you have some troubles between the local minority "ouighours" and chinese settler (part of Han ethny).
Still, really worth visiting!
I come from a place filled with classic culture and classic style of living. So, I would like to prefer to visit big cities with big skyscrapers. I know that might sound weird to many travelers because when people travel, they want to travel to mostly rural places with less civilization and more nature. For me, I want to see the big life in the cities.

China must be a beautiful place. However, I have seen pictures in the internet where they show the air pollution condition of those big cities. I have seen pictures with foggy air. But I would like to visit the Chinese city in the latest James Bond movie: Skyfall. I think it was Shanghai. With the looks of it, I think it must be a really expensive place.
Han Ethnicity is using Manjuria language which is called Mandarin
Preferably the one without much smog!

I live in Cracow (Poland) and the city is in a small valley, sort of. This makes smog harder for winds to carry on and when you come into town you see all the heavy metal hanging above. Sometimes it is so bad that in rankings of the worst air in Europe we are first or second (often after Madrid if I remember correctly).

Anyway, a friend has been to China on a business trip once and he said that the air in Cracow is nothing compared to the air in big Chinese cities. He said it is 10x worse and it even seriously affects visibility. This must be a serious concern.
I would like to visit Hangzhou. I found some information about the most attractive city in China for the visitors. I am not sure but according to my information. Hangzhou is the capital of and largest city in Zhejiang Province and is its political, economic and cultural center. With its enchanting natural beauty and abundant cultural heritage, the city is known as “Heaven on Earth.” That’s why I will prefer to visit Hangzhou.
I would prefer to stay in Shangai and would like to visit all it beautiful and historical attraction. I must want to visit Jinjiang Action Park in Shangai.
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