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Election in Zimbabwe

Hey guy what do you thing about the elections in Zimbabwe?
What is your opinion on elections for countries where "democracy" is more a word than a political system?


Millions of Zimbabweans went to the polls on Wednesday in an election that opponents of Africa's oldest leader, Robert Mugabe, condemned as "illegal, illegitimate, unfree and unfair".

Voting was peaceful and turnout high across the country but the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), attempting to end Mugabe's 33-year-rule, claimed to have uncovered evidence of massive fraud and rigging.

"Thousands and thousands of people are being disenfranchised by virtue of not finding their names on the voters' roll," said Tendai Biti, the MDC secretary-general and finance minister in the government. He described election officials as arrogant and insensitive to the complaints.

Biti took matters into his own hands, storming into a polling station in the Mount Pleasant area of the capital, Harare, claiming that 2,000 voters, many of whom were underage, had been brought in from rural areas to vote for Mugabe's Zanu-PF party.

"They don't even stay in Mount Pleasant," he snapped, turning to one voter and demanding that he name one street in the neighbourhood. The voter stared at Biti impassively and said nothing.

The minister fumed: "They can't even be persuaded to lie, Zanu-PF is so desperate we can't cheat an election, guys. How can you cheat blatantly like this? It's the mother of all rigging to prevent the mother of all defeats."

One of the buses used to transport the voters had a sign for Honde Valley, more than 185 miles away near the Mozambican border, but the driver declined to say where he picked the passengers up. "It's not a secret but we're not allowed to say that," he muttered.

An extra polling tent appeared to have been set up for the voters, most of whom were young and had shaved heads; all stared ahead silently and refused to speak. Biti claimed the shaved heads were synonymous with Zanu-PF's youth militias.
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