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How to setup a shoutcast server, nice and easy tutorial

I took the time and made this cool tutorial which I'm going to update every other day.Just add more and more stuff it.Simple enough for all to understand.

The link is not working and when you got to the main site its nothing about tutorials on that site.
First off, you need to have a cable or DSL connection, 56K can cut it but only 1 or 2 people MAX. The higher upload speed, the better!

Shoutcast is basically a plugin for winamp, this way, you can broadcast your music to people all over the world, all they need is realplayer OR winamp.

DISCLAMER: I'm not responsible to any damage (VERY unlikely) that this may cause to your pc, remember you are downloading and installing programs.

Now let's get started:

1. First navagate to this page:

2. Click on 'Be a DJ'. This will download the shoutcast plugin. Install this, don't need to take any precautions, just keep clicking next, and install where winamp is located.

3. Now open winamp, go to OPTIONS > PREFERENCES. Go down to plugins and select the one that I have highlighted.

4. As soon as you click apply a new box should open up, this is the shoutcast control panel if you would say, it tells the port to connect to, the pword (leave this, you can change this later) and encoder, leave this all the same.

5. Now, click on the YELLOWPAGES button, you'll notice that this is all blank, fill this in if you want your server to be listed on shoutcast, if you do want this, then go ahead and fill this in with whatever you'd like with your website or ICQ and AIM name. Make sure to check 'MAKE THIS SERVER PUBLIC' if you'd like to list this on shoutcast (NOTE: when you are all set up and ready to go, this may take up to 30 minutes for it to show up on shoutcast.)

6. Click on the encoder tab at the top, this will take you to settings for the encoder as well as the quality you want to play your music at, depending on your UPLOAD speed, you may want to adjust these settings accordingly, just remember the lower the quality, the more people can connect to your server)

The other 2 tabs, main and input just explain the connections connected as well as the input player, you can usually leave these as they are. But, if you change the input from winamp to soundcard, if you have a mic, you can broadcast your own voice!

7. Now, we have the control panel set up, now we need the actual program to make your computer into a broadcasting server! Navagate back to and click on 'Be a server'

8. Now download and install the program

9. As soon as it's installed, navagate to START > PROGRAM FILES > SHOUTcast DNAS > SHOUTcast DNAS (GUI)

OPTIONAL: If you do want to edit the configuration (max users, pword, port to connect to)

browse to the START > PROGRAM FILES > SHOUTcast DNAS > EDIT SHOUTcast DNAS configuration

but remember if you edit the pword or the port, you need to go back into the shoutcast plugin and make the nessary changes!

10. Now it should open, depending on wether or not you have a firewall, it should connect, now if the last line says FATAL ERROR, most likely you're behind a router or firewall. Kill the server if it is, by clicking KILL SERVER AT THE TOP if it shows fatal error. Now, this is just a screenshot from my router, all routers and firewalls are different, just browse to your port forwarding screen and enter this accordingly below.

11. Finally, start up SHOUTcast DNAS (GUI) it should show something like this below, meaning that your computer is in the clear to go!

12. Now, go back to winamp, and click on the shoutcast plugin, and go to the output tab and click on CONNECT. If everything goes properly, Number 1 should connect and show 0 bytes, now play a song in winamp, notice how the number starts to grow? Number 2 shows how many people have connected and are listening to your music

13. Now what good is this if you don't have people listening, navagate to, this should give you your external IP address.

14. Finally spread the word! Give people this link http://(your ip address):8000/listen.pls

Start to play some music, and people will connect!
Thanks for the info i might use it on my site
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