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Pokemon X and Y

Whose getting it? Which version are you going to get? Which starter are you going to use?

I cannot wait for these games to be released!
just choose one of them and play it. for me pokemon x sounds very good. they create several product at once to makes curious people buy all of them. Maybe after pokemon x and pokemon y they will release other same game with some minor change and some addition to makes pokemon fan buy the games. I think it is a very clever marketing strategy just like the old pokemon gameboy games.
I used to play a lot of Pokemon when I was a kid, which really wasn't very long ago. Then, there were about 150 Pokemon (I think). I followed the game one step further into Sapphire. I completed Sapphire, only to find out that they had another version coming out with newer Pokemon. I tried White, but was not able to follow it because none of the Pokemon were familiar. That's when I decided that I was done with this Pokemon thing. I do still remember the old days though. Pokemon Red was the most awesome game ever.
Yes, I haven't played Pokemon in years. I was surprised when I found out that the naming scheme had lead to X and Y.

I guess you run out of colours to choose from after a while.
i just downloaded it yesterday [eshop].
There is little stereoscopic 3D effect only.
But the game feel differently now.... much more 3D.. haha
i think the pokemon Z will be next release... due to the colour schemes.. Blue = X, Red = Y, Green = Z

my starter: Froakie, and bulbasour
Man, I need to get me a 3DS. I played a bunch of it on my friend's 3DS the other day and boy is it great! The 3D is much welcome and the mega evolutions are rad.

Oh, and Y is the better version. Without a doubt.
Pokemon X and Y are mostly the same... but some pokemon do happen to appear in pokemon X but not pokemon Y. vice verse. but you still can trade the pokemon from GTS.
I personally prefer Pokemon Y for no reason.
The latest I've played was generation III and I've stopped for a couple of years now.
But I stumbled upon a video of pokemon x and y and it's so cute Surprised

I really want a 3ds now, and all the generations that I've missed Crying or Very sad
I'm actually sort of afraid to try any of the new Pokemon games.
I feel like my opinion of the series will drop a pretty sizable amount. Razz
After Emerald, I kind of stopped playing the newer ones. I'm about three hand-held consoles behind now, but my team on Emerald is nigh-unstoppable.
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