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Need a PHP expert or Wordpress wizard

I'm trying to integrate an existing and mostly completed phpbb3 forum into a wordpress site.

I've looked around and tried all the php session things and all that and it just is not letting me do one 'simple' thing: use the PHP function calls.

I have used wp-united to get as far as having linked database + avatars and all that jazz, but now I need to make the two themes match. I have merged the css files into one in order to cascade the wordpress theme onto the phpbb3 html, and that works alright. But to go along with that I obviously need to transfer aspects of the phpbb3 layout to the wordpress, namely the frame around the actual forum (move from one header file to the other and same with footer etc).

This requires me to have the php functions working so the site looks exactly the same.

Simple fact is, I don't code in PHP and I only marginally know what I'm doing here. Every time I got anywhere close it threw server error 500 at me.

I also don't plan to get free hosting here with the 350 coin thing and so it seems a good time to offer my current 110 coins. to whoever can make this transition for me.

The CSS is written, the html+php is there in the phpbb3 templates for nearly direct transfer to the wordpress theme.

If you are interested in this just reply back or PM and I will let you know how we can stay in contact (preferably IRC, don't worry if you've never used it it's very easy with an online one-click link) while we go thru the files.

For security reasons, I would like the site mirrored on your own domain for testing and development.

Just to put things into perspective. 350coins are what is used to request a domain which happens to be arround $6 (or even less)

So 110 would be $2.

Good Luck


For security reasons, I would like the site mirrored on your own domain for testing and development.

Just wondering, for the same security reasons why someone would want your code in his own hosting space?
The code isn't the security issue, the FTP and access to web server is (it's not on frihost, this is elsewhere).
But why don`t you try using bbPress or buddypress instead of phpbb?
phpbb is also good but its true that with the passing time technology also changes and updates.
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