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False accusations

I am feeling upset since yesterday as the junior staff of a Haryana minister---a driver--levelled false accusations against me on my cell phone. He alleged that I had stayed in a government accomodation way back in March this year and had not paid the food bill for a particular day. He also accused me of not answering the mobile phone.

I told him that I always clear my food and stay bills. I would have to check the records and the receipts--if still available with me--- whether I had stayed in that particular accomodation on that particular date or not and whether the bill was paid. I also told him an error could have occurred on behalf of the restaurant staff so far as they might not have given that particular bill to me while checking out and settling the final account. Anyhow, to cut it short, I offered to pay the ``bill amount'' but he insisted on talking rudely and alleging that I had besmirched the honour of the minister. I also told him that I had not answered the cellphone as I was having my bath.

I am searching for the receipts dating back to March and have brought the matter to the notice of a journalist colleague who is close to the Minister and who had arranged the accomodation.It is very difficult to find February or March bills/receipts for that matter as one tends to shred old papers, I pointed out to him. But the dates can be verified whether I had stayed in that particular place or not and it is rather strange that I did not ``pay the bill for a particular date'' while I must have paid the bill for the entire period I ``stayed'' there as alleged by the staff.

The lesson I have learnt is to keep old stay and food bills for you never know when the Government and its minions will accuse you and before checking out, take a formal receipt. I strongly feel that the driver of the Minister exceeded his brief by speaking rudely and arrogantly. Rather, it would have been better if his superiors had sought clarification from me. Well, errors and mistakes do occur in life but the solutions should be found amiably.
This is a classical example of making a mountain of a molehill. Moreover, my wife smells something fishy as the financial year closes in March and the Minister and his staff would have visited that ``accomodation'' umpteen times and the matter of the ``pending bill'' would have been raised soon after the ``so-called stay'' and not at the fag end of July.
What has it got to do with a driver?
I always keep copies of receipts for years.... Embarassed
GuidanceReader wrote:
I always keep copies of receipts for years.... Embarassed

We'd love to see a photograph of your collection Laughing
Yea, it's never fun to be falsely accused. Some people just feel better when they are hurting others. It helps them hide there own inequities and pain. The sooner you say screw 'em the better!
GuidanceReader wrote:
I always keep copies of receipts for years.... Embarassed
I only ever pay for things on plastic when claiming expenses. That way its on record and I rarely have to keep receipts.
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