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Your Opinion about Turkey's situation now..

hi everybody .. as i see the people in this forum from different countries and different professionalities..
i m living the south side of the Turkey and name of the Cty Antalya and my city s really most toruistic place of the Turkey and many of the worlds knows about us. In Antalya population winter time like 2 milion .. im living in antalya like 18 years and in Summer time Antalya population s like 10 milion or more and it depends about days. i can change in a hour becase in antalya airport each 30 second another plane s coming..

But this summer before the start of the season everthing was good till the goverment wants the restore the " Gezi Park " in istanbul.. its the Park in istanbul really famous and many people things its the last green park of istanbul.. ;And as i mean with restore they wanna cut all trees and wanna make a shoping center or AVM to place of this park.. And the public direcly do protesto the this sitiuation.. and it was the last drop of the water which s do overof the glass.. ( you understand what i mean ) Smile and its turned a civil war in Turkey.. and Tourism s stopped direcly and many reservations of the hotels are stopped. any Tourism s going down like %50 although the other years..

And my question s the how u look this events ( if you interest the worlds politics ) out of the Turkey?
I must say that as a Turk ... Terrible .. The new system should come .. the elections will lose a lot of things should be .. It goes like this .. Turkey is using the police power
It's a shame..Erdogan must go home
I'd fight to death for saving that Park. I'm on holiday in Vancouver, and Stanley Park is one of the reasons I'm here, and I'm sure this goes for many tourists as well. It would be idiotic to get rid of the park for a hotel. Bad trade. As world is changing. You'll probably still get massive influx of tourists when the park is gone, but probably a different kind of tourist.

Government wise, I don't like a dictatorial Government. As that goes hand in hand with major corruption as well, as no doubt a hotel magnate was in cahoots with Government officials to get his way with killing the park. And then on top of it saying they're going to "preserve" the park. Some preservation! Evil or Very Mad
I think it is really sad when a government doesn't listen to it's people, and allows something that means so much to a community get destroyed just to make money.

I hate to see protests, I hate even more to see violent protests but sometimes people get so fed up with "the system" that violence is just a natural progression. Unfortunately violence usually works against those protesting and only leads to more negative feelings toward something.

I only hope that all the energy and pain that has gone into fighting for what is right makes a difference.
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