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How Many of You would Work for Bitcoins


How many of your would do coding and be happy to get payment in Bitcoins ( or a fraction of a Bitcoin ).

Im in New Zealand and am not too sure how popular Bitcoins are in the world. Or what people on the forum think of them.

Thank you..
sorry but i really don't know anything about it(bitcoin).
anyways will find out. Smile
I wouldn't mind too much. As long as you have a wallet setup and can exchange it for your preferred currency. It's kind of like getting paid in a foreign currency, but from a place that doesn't exist (outside of a computer network) and with nothing you can touch.

The currency does fluctuate wildly up and down so if you got paid $20 worth of bitcoins it can be worth $2 to $200 next month. It seems to gradually increase in value until there's a rapid devaluation that makes the headlines.
It's accepted in a handful of retail stores, mostly in europe and the united states
It's mostly accepted online

You can try to negotiate another type of payment like through paypal.
God..I never though of PayPal...

I have an internet start up idea. So Im just research now..

Yep! Anything that supports the bitcoin economy and makes people realize it's potential as a global currency without the strangle hold of central banks is a win-win for me!!!

In the city here (Vancouver), businesses are finally starting to jump on board of accepting BTC as payment for goods and services. It's a revolution that can't be stopped. If more people knew the truth behind the current monetary system, many MANY more people would use bitcoin as the preferred currency and transaction platform (because it's both!).
i dont understand what is bitcoin.

What is it?

Never heard so far.
It's a digital currency, where you don't use a bank for anything, just a digital wallet (cryptographic signature) to store and transfer your money.

We Use Coins has a great short video on their homepage as to what it is.

Gives control of money back to the people, instead of through the use of Central Banks. It's transferable all over the world, with proof of transaction being visible as quickly as 10 seconds from processing a payment and is completely irreversible after 30 minutes - 1 hr (can't be hacked / hijacked). [/url]

You can view the live market of the MtGox Japan exchange (currently the largest Bitcoin Exchange) @ Clark Moody to get a sense of just how large a market it is already. During the last $250 / BTC bubble, the total market value neared 2 Billion USD.

Needless to say, the people who started on it early (5+ years ago) made a LOT of money.
I was highly amused when I saw a notice in The Blenz (Seymour Street in Vancouver) window that they accept Bitcoins for coffee. Wow! Things have certainly changed. Bitcoins are taking off!
deanhills wrote:
I was highly amused when I saw a notice in The Blenz (Seymour Street in Vancouver) window that they accept Bitcoins for coffee. Wow! Things have certainly changed. Bitcoins are taking off!

That's awesome
The Finns most avid users of the bit coins.
Spanish bank BBVA published Bitcoin-report which states that Finland is a top priority when measuring the bit-slot downloads per capita.
Finnish figure is 0.5 per cent. Almost the same level are Iceland and Sweden.
I'd feel questionable about it, but if that was the most practical solution, I guess.
I think i will try now bitcoins Smile
I would! I have a friend who invested a bit of money in bitcoins and turned them making a nice chunk of change. I think if I were to get paid in bitcoins, I'd probably convert the majority of it to regular currency.
I think i should try if i have more bit coins. How to create account?
I think I would take the job depending on how much money is paid, but not so much what type of money it is. So if there's a good amount of money and the job is doing something cool,. I wouldn't mind. Of course, if it's some shady operation done online and stuff, it might be more suspicious for me and I would think twice before accepting something like that.
I would certainly go for it. Bitcoins are reasonably stable in value and can be converted to any other currency anonymously if you are careful.
I have no idea about this but I think it's interesting Very Happy
I was working for bitcoin up to recently (aug 14) I was paid to do a some work on a videogame. Since my country has exchange control , it was a good way to get USD , but I stopped because the price is falling as we speak
I'd say go for it. Bitcoins are probably safer than USD in my opinion. At least there is a fixed number of bitcoins that can exist. USD and most modern currencies are strictly fiat currencies and mean nothing.
I woudln't mind it, but as soon as I got the payment, I would exchange bitcoins for "offline" currency. The value of them is changing just too much and you can lose a lot if you are not careful.
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