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Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan)

Is anyone here watching Shingeki no Kyojin (or reading the manga)?

I've started some weeks ago and it really impressed me. I'm usually too lazy to read the manga but I needed to know what would happen next and then I started to read the manga too haha! This is definitely not for the faint of heart, the plot is full of shocking revelations and anyone can die. I was looking for something that caught my attention like Psycho Pass did and apparently I've found it. Here's the first opening.

P.S.: Love Mikasa and Levi. They're full of win.
Yeah, I notice this one's becoming popular recently like everyone is saying they're currently watching Shingeki no Kyojin. My to watch list is piled up because I've been procrastinating extensively. Haven't watched anything for like months. I don't have a clue what the story is about. From the youtube parody I saw, where they messed up the story so I don't really know what it's originally about, the graphics is really really good. And I like the houses in the background. They're sort of.... nostalgic.
It's just like SAO where some fans are over-hyped over it. LOL!
@Loremar According to TV Tropes, here's the description of AoT:

For more than a hundred years, the last remnants of humanity have lived inside a fortified city designed to protect them from a powerful race of man-eating giants known as Titans. For a century the two races have been locked in a stalemate: the Titans are unable to breach the walls of the city, but every attempt humanity has made to make war with the Titans has ended in disaster.
One horrible day, a colossal Titan appears and smashes a hole in the perimeter wall of the village of Zhiganshina, allowing its smaller kin to wander inside and wreak havoc. Three children escape from the ensuing massacre: Eren Yeager, an aggressive adolescent boy; Mikasa Ackerman, his quiet adoptive sister; and Armin Arlert, his bookish best friend.

The three of them decide to join the Survey Corps, a military branch dedicated to making excursions into the outside world to fight the Titans and research ways to defeat them once and for all. With a murderous grudge in his heart, Eren makes a vow to kill every last Titan on Earth.

Despite the action-y sounding premise, and there is a great deal of action, author Hajime Isayama has also woven a tight story around its many, many characters, and the strange, apocalyptic world they find themselves in. And failure. The characters repeatedly struggle to accomplish anything, often sacrificing lives and making major mistakes, only to have it all come to naught in the end. But every so often, their persistence, wits, and luck, manages to pay off. Slowly, a complex portrait of the world begins to form, and reveals there is something more sinister to the weirder aspects of their world. In the end, it is primarily a story about how people deal with trauma, survival, loss, and death. As they fight giant, man-eating titans.

Cosmoslayer wrote:
It's just like SAO where some fans are over-hyped over it. LOL!

Sorry to ask, but what is SAO?
Sword Art Online? That's last in my to watch list. I dunno if it's overhyped but I did list it because people were talking about it.
Best Anime Everr! Very Happy
I was actually reading Shingeki no kyojin before I started seeing it all over the internet

Very deeply developed plot it has. It does makes for an exciting read with the fight-scenes alone what's with the equipment they have and all that.
But at the same time, it also has a very subtly dark storyline that touches on various flaws in some of the human tendencies we may have even in these modern day and age.
Very engaging, and also very heavy read once you start getting engaged in the plot.

I haven't seen the anime though, usually just a manga reader Smile
I'm not big fun of manga, but i'm watching anime and i like it... But why the hell you want to know what will happen next, wouldn't that ruin all the fun???
bogisha wrote:
I'm not big fun of manga, but i'm watching anime and i like it... But why the hell you want to know what will happen next, wouldn't that ruin all the fun???

Well, as I'm reading the manga, I get to know the facts as the creator intended me to. Smile Besides, manga is a different media, so I'm not concerned about losing interest (the animation is gorgeous and watching the anime is a pleasure every time). I think you're talking about spoilers... I won't be seeing spoiler because I'm reading the manga. So I already know who the female titan is (and the armored titan, and the colossal titan...). See? Now that's how you avoid spoilers. And I can guarantee you that knowing what will happen next in the anime is such a joy... Because tis very funny to see people who only watch the anime freaking out. Twisted Evil
I like this too.. both the manga and anime..
I learned about this from an indie game inspired from it.. ever tried it? Here is the link to that game. pretty cool also
bogisha wrote:
I'm not big fun of manga, but i'm watching anime and i like it... But why the hell you want to know what will happen next, wouldn't that ruin all the fun???
I don't want spoilers too. But it's not like I am reading it because I want to know ahead of what will be in the anime, I just prefer the format of manga to anime. The fact that one is ahead of the other in terms of storyline doesn't mean that manga readers 'know what will happen next' in the manga (that's important). I know what will happen next in the anime (to a certain extent), but if all I do is read the manga, then of course I don't know what will happen in the next chapter of the manga.

I don't even know why I feel the need to explain myself, but it's a bit like saying why would we want to watch any film in the cinema because that'll ruin all the fun when the dvd came out??
The 2 are just different ways of releasing the story and we can all enjoy both.
But the animation is great so I guess watching it is also the fun.. especially when you're watching the 3D maneuver gear
I am reading the manga (by the way, I am looking forward to this month's new chapter!), and I used to watch the anime when it was on. I have to say that I strongly prefer the anime, since I don't like the way the manga is drawn (although the story, which is the strongest point of SnK, is truly amazing).
Probably have to wait a year or two for season 2 since they have to wait for the manga to release enough content for next season.

Spoilers: Reiner and Bertolt, top 2 and 3 of the graduates are Titans! Also the top 10th graduate, Krista, (she seems like timid I'm curious how she get into top 10)? Seems like her family knows everything about Titans. And Eren can freaking mind-control Titans too! How cool is that.

I was so curious about the characters so I checked their wiki. Damn them spoilers -_-. I don't mind though since I'm like a child screaming SEASON 2 SEASON 2 PLS PLS PLS. hehe
The next season is taking a while
codersfriend wrote:
The next season is taking a while

Season 2 is confirmed, but we don't have dates yet. Come to think of it, I still have some chapters of the manga to read.
Hope the next season would be too soon
I really should check out this show. It does seem good. Although I usually do not care much for giant fighting shows.
any updates on the series? haven't watched this in a while
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