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Gunz Online

This might just be the best shooter ever. It is definately the best free shooter ever. I'm an unreal fan, but this game is amazing. At first it looks like a ripoff of the matrix with the wall-running and such, but its much more than that.

What will get you amazed is the sword fighting. There are two moves: Slash Down (Left Click) and Slash Up (Right Click). That's it. But you are dashing so fast it almost turns in to a game of chicken. Though you'd think that would get boring after awhile, there are two things that make it awesome again: techniques and guns. The guns make it so that you can't just play chicken (unless you are in gladiator, sword-only, mode). You have to use skill rather than luck. The techniques are very nice, and are almost glitches in the game, even though the developers are the ones who thought most of them up. One of them is called butterfly (Jump, Dash, Slash, Block) which, when done properly lets you moves really fast, block, and attack all at the same time (as the server is concerned, anyway). Another is called Slash-Shot (I forget the combination) where you get to dash and block with your sword (which you can't with the gun) and still shoot. It's almost a glitch so that it shoots right when you switch to it and switches back before the gun even appears (when done correctly).

This game is amazing and you should definately try it.
Oh yes this game is good im only level 16 thought but ehmm i just wonder when is the patch with all the quests comin out ??
I heard november 9th Very Happy I can't wait my review of it, more detailed coming (with videos/pictures and a full review)
Can't wait for the quest, because i didn't played the last month, because it's getting boring.
guess i was wrong about nov9 Sad

Still waiting for quest mode. Too bad I don't know japanese or korean. Right after i started playing they came out with the jap version (korea started it, then made international edition, and they updated international very little). a huge company bought it for the jap edition, so instead of 10 people working on the korean edition and the same people not caring about the international edition, theres now like 200 people working on the jap edition and updating the korean edition accordingly. us english-types get the short straw Sad
I've played this game, and came to LV14 I think, but then it just got old and boring.
Its not something you can play a lot, though its pretty cool...
hmmm.. i've tried it once.. yeah.. its good but there are a lot of trash talking noobs.. u know.. the ones who trash talks after dying.. it kinda gets on ur nerves
de server always full n hard to get in.. now i stoped liao no more gunz ><
I love this Gameeeeeee
MMOFPS rox, the only negative things is the bugs ~~, each week my friend makes (yeah, makes) a new cheat =/
GunZ Online is coming to my country (Brazil) by LevelUP Games ~~
my rating of this game: 6/10

its really addicting and fun at first, but then it just gets BORING..its the same killing over and over, most korean MMORPGS are like that sadly Sad
I had a brief history with this little and violent game (by all means both compliments), and while it was brief, it was certainly entertaining. Althought the question arises, as to the quality of my experience was determined by the short ammount of time it lasted.

GunZ, as I recall it, was a fast and fun shooter that wasn't so fast to get started with. Or maybe it was, it was really easy to pick a character and a couple of weapons and head off to duke it out with some friendly assasins trying to get your skin as much as you were trying to get theirs. Of course, things are not so good in wonderland, and you'll find that you need some hard info before you can start spitting bullets to your highest potential.

Specially the knowledge of weapons, moves and maps. Those three little items will allow you to plan ahead, and play trying to minimize your losses (which in my opinion, is the only way to get real amusement from a shooter that let's you re-spawn as much as you'd like). But the good thing is that GunZ provides you with a nice arsenal of options, equipments and skill wise (along with some pretty good maps), in order to keep your game fresh and interesting.

At least, for a while.

It won't take long before you're dronning trying to get kills to level up and buy the next best weapon, or jacket, or whatever is it that you want. Only to start the process again when you arrive at that destination. And of course it can (and I think it does) turn into the same zombi like experience that fills the MMORPG world (*avoids flaming bolts of death*). In both scenarios, what you need is friends willing to have a good time and peace of mind in order to manage your hobbie in order not to burn this time waster too fast ;).

Hmm, good game for about 10 minutes, and I went back to playing CS hahas. Can't comment much on the game except that the first time I played it the server was a nightmare hahas.
I have to agree, Gunz is a very addicting game, addicting for about a month. So here, in the philippines, the game grew big for like 6 months and died afterward. Also, alot of firewall problems that led to the annoying 999 ping, got in the way of some users. Overall if the game bugs arnt fixed, and innovative things happen, I believe the game would end up as another failure, in gaming history.
i find this game to be very addicting. i just finally got it downloaded last night and its a lot of fun. a lil hard to play on the notebook without a mouse lol. but i just hijack the one from one of the desktops and im fine. definetely good specially since its free.
this game has been around for so long... they've had so many peoblems too... the gunthix and maxima owners keep making promises of the quests comming out... they never do...

there was once when they finnaly added the cool maps that the jap and korean versions have and then a few weeks later they have a server crash which was said "please wait a few days for the server to fix"... -.-' guess what it took months... omg now the game is backt o what it started off to be... how long does it take... if you already have the game in another language?!?!

they came out with an indian version... guess what... hahah it took like a few days then it became from beta to full... geeeez

i insist all to play jap version until international full version comes out.
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