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best life

how can we spend life greatly ?????????

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- Ankhanu
Hi chathu,
To spend life greatly engage yourself in regular physical activities and follow a balanced diet meal plan. Do have health insurance to avoid any discomfort in future, I hope you never have to use your insurance, but in case something happen, insurance company will be there to make sure you get all the help you need.
What is the best way to live life? For me, it's the pursuit of happiness. Do what you want, do what you like whenever possible. Within reason of course. There's no point in doing something that you want if it will have negative consequences afterwards and not be worth it. Reflect on all the good things that have happened or that you did. Dream and strive to obtain your dreams. The day that you realize those dreams will give you a sense of accomplishment and contentment provided they are obtainable.

Try to address any regrets that you currently have if possible. They will not go away with time (unless if you develop Alzheimer's disease or dementia). If it can't be fixed try doing something to balance it out to the point that things even out. At least, in your own mind.

Live life with no or as few regrets as possible. I think that's one way to live life greatly.
Life itself is a process, not a pure substance.

So every day I have to process my life.
Manage your life by making every day work to do list.Every task you have to write in your list that what possibly you have to do today.By doing this there is less chances to forget any thing.
Every work will be on time and one important thing you will organised.I think this is good habit to make your life better,happier,and healthier.
To have a very great life you should avoid becoming a hedonist. You have to be a good person to other people. You have to do a lot of thing that your god want you to do. You should share happiness to many people as much as you can. You must have a dream that you want to change this world to be a better world. All of the good things will makes you life more valuable. Right now we see a lot of people live in the wrong way. The do what they want to do as bad person the other people. The god hate them and will throw them to the hell on the after life. Just try to become a good person as good as you can. The more people likes you, your life will be more great and greater.
chathu1122 wrote:
how can we spend life greatly ?????????

MODERATOR - Moved out of Sciences Life forum
- Ankhanu

Kiss Your darling.

Stop refusing help from Your friends.
I say the way to live life greatly is to give everything you do 100% - If you are working as a Janitor - be the best damn janitor you can be. If you are working as a Mechanic - work and learn as much as possible and become the best you can be at it.

This applies to everything you do in life - if you take on a task and fail - learn as much as you can about why it failed and try again - Like the Thomas Edison story about the light bulb - he had over a 1000 attempts to produce a commercially viable light bulb until he finally came upon a usable design - Each time he learned something that eventually led to his success Very Happy

So In My Humble Opinion - I think what makes for a great life is Honesty, Integrity, Desire, Tenacity, Humility, and Courage. These traits can be developed and cultivated - but no amount of money anywhere can buy them and the people you know that demonstrate these traits seem to live great lives Cool
Try to keep your self busy in different activities and eat healthy food avoid any alcohol and smoking.
"I say the way to live life greatly is to give everything you do 100%"

love your Chilldren, dont ignore them.
They ll bring You daily presents. Ask a mother.
loveandormoney wrote:
"I say the way to live life greatly is to give everything you do 100%"

I would disagree here. The secret path to a good life to me leads to maintain a good balance. A good work-life-balance for instance. What defines a good work-life-balance is up to everyone and boils down to set goals and live to it. If your goal is to live a healthy life, to be social and interact with your friends and family, to pursue your hobbies, to learn something new every day, then you might decide for instance to reduce the amount of energy you spend at work to what I would call a reasonable amount.
Balancing is more important than just throwing in all energy into one thing, into one aspect of your life.
You are right.

The balance is 100%.

You are 100 % living.

Cause 6 Kilo of salt do kill You 3 gramm of salt do heal You.
One liter of water is fine, 300 liters of water in Your office, You are drowned.

So please
dont forget to relax and dont forget to visit parties.
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