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EnergY - Why do some people have so much energy?

Why do some people have SO MUCH energy and other people have none at all?

Don't you notice so people have so much energy? and some people can't seem to get enough of it? Why is that? Does anyone have some good philosophies on why?
or Can you answer How can you feel more active?

I think There are several factors that determines how much energy you have.
The Movement of your body. The more you move the more energy you create.
Where you Focus. If you focus on why your so tired, your just going to drop dead and fall asleep. But If you focus on How to obtain more energy? Or You focus on how exciting something is, than you will automatically have more energy.
If you ask me, it's all about the person, and their life. Some people have a lot of energy mainly because their adrenaline is pumping through them regularly. It could also because because of the family. Some people when they wake up in the morning have a good relationship with their family which makes them feel better, which results in more energy. The people that have a bad relationship with their family seem to feel a little down through the day, not wanting to do anything or talk to anyone at all. This is just my explanation. Although some people might not agree with me, which is cool. I'm no doctor or anything like that, but if you really look at everything I have said it makes a lot of sense in a way.
ummmm, lifestyle,environment and way of life.. i guess those are some important factors why some have so much energy. i guess its just a matter of being positive at all times and not allowing stress to get ahead of you.. yeah your physical status also limits your energy but that is just one factor..

maybe some guys are just like that, so much energy.. but its easy to be like them... proper diet, regular sleep, good attitiude and as well as food supplements.

i guess the 'mind' part plays a big role on a person's energy.. if he beleievs that eveyrthing's gonna be fine, it will give him a positive aura that will fuel him for the rest of the day.. inspiration also helps mtivate a person.. just my two cents..
I think some people have more energy than others because of one of two reasons:

Cool 1. Their metabolism - I think that people that consume more calories to stay awake still have more energy even though they are hungry more.

Crying or Very sad 2. I think people's personalities affect their energy levels because some people just feel more alive than other people.

The weather also affects a lot of people's moods and energy levels (it affects me).

Thats my opinion but I don't disagree with any of the other posts.
if everyone's very energetic...the world might be too annoying to live in...we need quiet ppl to balance out the more energetic ones =)
I belive their are several factors that contribute to this:

1. Childhood. If your parents did not constantly yell at you to "settle down" as a child, then being energetic is not seen as negative.

2. Personality Type. Some people have a more energetic personality than others.

3. Chemical stimulus. Red Bull, anyone?
Maybe some people have made faustian deals...
i don't know but maybe we're mystic creatures Razz
  • Cofee
  • Tea
  • Sugar
  • The will to do what your aiming to do
Teenagers and kids obviously have more energy that adults because they find alot of things exciting so it makes them energetic
good question. I know IM hyper active. I love to keep moving, either on a bike or snowboard. I prefer to be outside moving around and getting excercise. I couldnt stand to be in a gym working out. Thats too bland and monotonous for me. I could be a million things on one day if possible. Even jamming on bass and drums is physically fun. I also like to play video games and even though im not physically moving around, it still stimulates my brain and my heart rate can increase many times.
IMO, it all has to do with:

The way you were raised.
How you live.
Your personality type.
What you do in your spare time.

And last but not least:

ZipFizz I drink one everyday in the morning on the way to work. Great tasting too. And FAR healthier than the other crap like RockStar, etc....
It's also about your community (friends).. if you're friends are lazy,.. more than likely you will be too.
I have a lack of physical energy a lot of the time because I'm Anemic, I have a lack of iron in my blood. It's not too severe or anything though, I still have lots of mental energy, especially with things I'm interested in.
to have more energy :
- create a healthy life style
- exercise to strengthen your body
- guard a good minded
i think there must have good habbit of food like eating hygine food and habbit also like there dont smike and drink and do proper exercise
Why indeed..... *geezer shuffeles off to his beloved sofa to ponder that infinate question with a dawg on his belly*
Strangely enough I seem to have more energy when I'm active than when I'm not. If i sit on the sofa and watch TV then I get far more tired than if I go out jogging. This brings me to a question: Why do we have to go to bed at night when we're wide awake and then when we wake up we feel really tired?
Its just about the aspect of your life, how optimistic you are.If you try to be satisfied all the things in your environment; just try to be satisfied with "one" rather than "two", enjoy what you have, then you will see that you will look much more energic, and people will really want to be with you...
I am one of those people...people wish they had it and some get sick of it....i dont eat well im sure and my new girl is a health nut...we have the same insane energy ..up at 5am and bed around bull or those drinks do anything and only one coffee per day...and sleeping in on sunday is maybe 7am.....its in your chemistry and nothing magic pills or drinks sorry
I have been accused of having more energy than other people throughout my life. Big two things I do to keep my energy up and keep going is to exercise regularly and eat properly. These two things go a long way toward producing more physical energy than either of them alone. The other thing that I do that is involved with exercise is to lift weights. Lifting weights helps you build muscle mass, having more muscle helps your energy levels and metabolism. Muscles and contracting them regularly sensitize your insulin which helps you process sugars and replenish your glycogen stores in your muscles. So when you eat high energy sugar foods they are converted to energy to use.

I cannot recall the process but once insulin becomes insensitive the body goes into a mode where any sugar that is consumed is stored in the form of fat cells. So it is the sugar that causes the fat gain and obesity once insulin becomes insensitive. Oddly enough the one exercise that can be done to sensitize insulin is lifting weights in the 8 to 12 rep range. Obese people put on weight training programs showed more fat loss and insulin sensitivity than any other exercise group.....including cardio.

Tell me who is stronger a guy that can run a marathon, or a guy that can throws bails of hay onto the back of a truck all day long. Mimicking exercises like throwing bails of hay with weights can go a long way to improving your strength, metabolism, and energy levels.

Just my 2 cents Cool
@BigGeek. Great post - got me really thinking! I totally agree that energy is dependent on the quality of food and quality of exercise. And I am totally impressed with the part about lifting weights and how it ultimately works with our metabolism. Great explanation!

Do you work out in a gym, or do you do this at home, and what weights are you using? I think if I were to do weight training at home, it may be much easier to stick to a routine than to have to go to a gymnasium that is situated very far from both my home and work place. One thing I learned about exercise is that it has to be something that one could fit easily into one's life so that one could do it consistently on an almost "for ever" basis. Instead of going to a gymnasium for a few weeks, and give up on it because it does not fit naturally into one's lifestyle.

Right at the moment I'm doing floor exercises for about 30 minutes a day where I use my own weight for resistance training along the lines of calisthenics. And then jogging for about 45 minutes. I'm ready for more resistance training though. Hence my interest in your post.
Sometimes energy is in our mind, we can get a lot of extra energy in many bad situation or good situation. When you're very happy you can feel the energy in the body, and if you're chased by a dog with rabies you will feel a lot of extra energy to run and fight to stay alive.
Good point grofet. Particularly when one is chased by a bull or some life threatening event that spikes one's adrenaline levels.
You just need to sleep more. I find that most people don't get nearly enough sleep as they think they do. If you get a good night's rest, you'll definitely have more energy. Also, it could be that your sleep isn't as high of a quality as you would need. Many people don't get good sleep because they are snoring too loudly or have sleep apnea.
deanhills wrote:
Good point grofet. Particularly when one is chased by a bull or some life threatening event that spikes one's adrenaline levels.

Very funny dean Laughing
We have two kinds of energy: physical energy and internal energy.
Physical energy we get from food we eat.
Internal energy to get the internal energy storage.
Internal energy acquired all the time energy.
I've noticed that some of my friends can either have a lot of energy or very little energy. I can go through phases where I just have a ton of energy and other times where I will feel so burnt out and I just want to sleep for a month! I'm not sure what it is or what I've been doing, I'd like to think I'm fairly consistent.

I will say I have hardly any energy in the morning but if I were to get up early and go in for band practice (which is what I did in high school for years!) I would be rolling in energy and I would come out of the music room with a high. I've been out of the band scene for some years now so I don't really get worked up like that any more. I hit another high point usually in the evening or later in the night. Sometimes when I'm up late I can get pretty tired but I'll be up for a little while longer and then suddenly I'm wide awake! I try to avoid those points now because it makes it very hard to get to sleep.
boringest wrote:
if everyone's very energetic...the world might be too annoying to live in...we need quiet ppl to balance out the more energetic ones =)

True~ Very Happy And actually energetic people can be quiet when necessary.
There are some days when I feel very energetic. These days almost always coincide with the anticipation of something exciting the the near future: some kind of competition, my birthday etc. I think it depends on what excites and motivates one. Plus, the lifestyle of an individual and his/her overall health also play a role, in my opinion.
2 aspects influence the energy.

- Nutrition with some exercise and
- Thoughts

Nutrition gets people what is need for their energy needs and exercise see that the nutrients are converted to energy.

What a person thinks, so does he feels.
If person thinks he can competent enough to make best of his/her life, he/she will always feel more energetic to achieve things.
It's just how much you eat, how balanced what you eat is, how much you exercise and what kinds of exercises you do. Also, it's the mindset. If you're all depressed, you'll get tired faster, but if you are in an optimistic mood, you'll be able to do much more and to go beyond your limits.
I'd say it's chemistry. We're all made differently. Some of us are wired together for maximum chemical reactions. Others are wired together for being more placid.
I used to be a fat, lazy slop. The I stopped drinking soda and drinking lots and I mean lots of water. Been a year and I've lost like 40 pounds and now I seem to always be hungry and have abnormal amounts of energy. I have to constantly stay busy and can't seem to sleep more than five hours honestly now I feel like something is wrong with me.
Well, I suddenly can get loads of energy. And people are curios why - and soon they understand the meaning of Coca cola... It wasn't the beer as they suggested...
I always have lots of energy and no I do not like energy drinks, coffee, or soda. I am 25 years old and I have the same amount of energy I did when I was a child if not more. Odd as this sounds I sleep for four hours at a time no more than 5 every night. It's like my brain gets bored of jus sitting in one spot without moving. No I do not eat the healthiest either. It's funny because when I take Adderall it jus makes me quiet but my mind moves like the speed of light.
Ha, 25 - when you get 60 I have heard you get lead in you legs.
The energy that you have depends on a lot of things: Your heredity, how your were brought up, your surrounding or the culture that you are accustomed to, the things you eat, your diet and your exercise, and i also depends upon the thing that you are doing. For example: I might have a lot of energy for playing basketball but I might not be interested in playing cricket.

But the most affecting factor in terms of having energy is your age. I mean when you are young, you feel like you can take on the world with your high energy levels. But as you grow old, your energy deprecates and you just want to sit on the chair watch some TV, netflix, videos or whatever on the internet.
Because they found the things they really into. Despite what those are.
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