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Exercise: I enjoy being active, staying fit, feeling well, and just being healthy. My favorite season is summer because I love the outdoors. My main mode of transportation in the summer is bicycling. I also enjoy rollerblading, walking, swimming, lifting weights, doing pilates, yoga, step, and other exercise classes. My favorite form of exercise involves being active with friends or family whether it be playing tag, swinging on swings at the park, climbing indoor rock walls, or doing pilates with a group of friends.

Any one using berating exercise, that help to cultivate life energy
if it is summer and you go climbing indoor rock walls, for my taste, there must be something wrong...
be it the climate, be it that you live in a complete flat land without any climbable rocks or whatever.
climbing indoor rock walls for me is just a weak substitute for outdoor climbing, especially in times of the season, when the weather allows to do that. it is similar if you want to row a boat, and instead go into a fitness studio and pull some apparatus... there is exercise, and there is exercise, and why choose the one that seems like asembly-line work?
Exercising is a great idea. It keeps you healthy and strong and makes you live longer. A lot of exercise is pretty fun as well. Sports like bastketball and baseball are a great way to get exercise while at the same time having lots of fun with other people.
surfing and scuba diving are my two favorite past time. I also do zumba on the side as well as some insanity workout when I feel like it. hiking in the summer time and I try to do as much as I can indoors on my treadmill in the winter.
To my main to easiest way to keep yourself fit is to walk every day about 10 km.
I walk everyday but I need to start bicycling to help my bad knee get better.
Well you guys are not in Shanghai during summer. It's been more than a month that the daily temperature is over 40 degrees.
With this heat, the activities are more indoor one, such as badminton, swimming, gym, etc...
Some braver might play basketball and soccer outside during night-time (it's still really really hot during night, something like 35-36 degrees...!!!
Man, reading this has inspired me to be more active. I would LOVE to be really in to exercizing, but I've managed to let myself get incredibly out of shape.

At 24 yrs old, I don't have a six-pack, I have back and neck issues (minor) and I notice I'm not as strong as I have been in the past. I guess that's a great reason to make a change huh!!
Here is my advice about exercising - Pick something you can do that does not cause joint pain and do it 10 to 15 minutes every day until you can increase it.

My suggestion is to practice squat and dead lift body movements. Work with no weight at first and get the body mechanics down. Once you can squat your body weight and dead lift a broom stick with no pain start adding little amounts of weight and work up.

I am dumbfounded at the number of people my age (50's) that cannot squat down and pick up their keys off the ground, or cannot bend down and pick up an empty box off of the floor. These are basic movements that get the body to work as a unit and allow strength and mobility to increase as a person gets stronger and more capable at doing them. Hell I know guys in their 20's that cannot squat down and put their ass on their heels and stand up again.

I also suggest yoga and stretching exercises along with strength training to keep a person mobile and healthy.

Breathing exercises are always good as well. Look up Chi Kung!!

Very Happy
I love exercising in every morning and it is very good for my health. It keeps me fresh, active and fit all the day. When I don't exercise in the morning; I feel boring and tired all the day.
if i have more time. I love to stay active and do more exercise.
I am really getting out of shape recently and i have try some couple of exercises and even tried cutting down calories intake but it seems the more i do that i get fatter. What do you all recommend i do now... what kind of exercise will help reduce my stomach?
stanleykc1 wrote:
I am really getting out of shape recently and i have try some couple of exercises and even tried cutting down calories intake but it seems the more i do that i get fatter. What do you all recommend i do now... what kind of exercise will help reduce my stomach?

Are you sure you getting fatter and not just gaining muscles? When it comes to weight I think what you eat and how much is more important than your exercise. You will have to do quite a lot of exercising to make up for what you eat. It is especially hard if you are out of shape and don't have enough muscles and stamina to be able to have a high energy consumption during an extended period of time.
If any one Want to feel better, have more energy and perhaps even live longer exercise is the best tool in the whole world. The health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore. And the benefits of exercise are yours for the taking, regardless of your age, sex or physical ability.
Exercise controls weight
improves mood
boosts energy
promotes better sleep
Maintain healthy mussels joints
improve mental health
Reduce mental stress
reduce the ricks of diseases
Over all Exercise is good for health
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