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How traffic in your country?

I just want to know how traffic your area; specially in working days?
well we are quite releaved of heavy traffic in Sweden . We also drive in slow mo... And seldom honk the horn...
I agree with spinout, it's not much of a problem in general, but I think the traffic around some of the bigger cities can be quite slow during rush hours. Lately they have tried to prevent it by introducing fees for driving out and in of some cities by car during certain hours of the week.

I live in a much smaller place so the traffic around here is never a big problem and there is no need for traffic lights or paid parking lots.
yup. I agree if the city is progressive then it has more demand in transportation. Here is a good information on traffic.

This list of countries by traffic-related death rate shows the annual number of road fatalities per capita per year and per vehicle-km in some countries in the year the data was collected.
According to the World Health Organization, road traffic injuries caused an estimated 1.24 million deaths worldwide in the year 2010, down from 1.26 million in 2000. Half of all road traffic deaths are among pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, and adults aged between 15 and 44 years account for 59% of deaths. 3 out of 4 road deaths are among men. The average rate was 18 per 100,000 people (down from 20.8 in 2000). 92% occurred in low and middle income countries, with South-East Asia and Africa having the highest rates.[1]
The total fatalities number comes from the WHO report and is often an estimated number of road traffic deaths based on method used in the report.[2]

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The traffic in Kathmandu is really bad at times. It's not very managed. Yes, there are traffic policemen who try to maintain order. However, people are not very concerned about following traffic rules, because of a lenient implementation of traffic laws. We have had some international volunteers who have held training sessions for traffic policemen in Nepal. However, this has not brought much change. Things do seem to be improving, because we have a lot fewer traffic jams these days as compared to past years.
Major cities and surrounding areas in the US are terrible. Even my little town is bad during evening workers' traffic.
Quite heavy at peak hours, and we have these incessant round abouts every where. Those make for hair raising moments, particularly the large one that is close to my work. At least two or more daily accidents in it.
I live in São Paulo. The traffic is pretty much intense here every day. Sad
I live in Kolkata of India. Here traffic is a problem in working days.
I live in a small town so traffic here is not a problem. During the rush hour, you wouldn't get stuck in traffic more than 5 minutes. And that would be because the driver in front of you just met someone he/she knows and stopped to ask about his/her life. The joys about living in a small town. Very Happy

Deline wrote:
I live in São Paulo. The traffic is pretty much intense here every day. Sad

I sincerely don't know how people can live in São Paulo. The place is like hell on Earth.
Here in our place, a province of the Philippines, we experience traffic only during after office ours and Fridays. The capital is much worse! Sad
May be we are king of traffic
we have lots of traffic during working/office hour
depends on the time and the day.
Traffic in Washington, D.C. is fairly odd, to say the least. I've driven in many cities in the United States including New York City. In New York, there tends to be a lot of traffic but cars still move at a somewhat steady pace, maybe 10 or 15 mph. Here in DC, once its rush hour the traffic on highways practically comes to a complete stop. I still don't understand why traffic here comes to a complete stop instead of slowing to a steady pace like in NYC. Apparently it's attributed to "congestion" but I honestly don't understand why our "congestion" is so unique. Laughing

Oh, and if there's rain or god forbid a snowflake, all hell breaks lose. Good luck getting home within 2 hours. I remember when we had a sudden snowstorm a few years ago that brought 5 inches right during rush hour. Commutes that normally took less than 30 minutes ended up taking over 10 hours. In addition, many people got tired of waiting so they abandoned their cars in the middle of the road... thereby further worsening the congestion on the road.

They dubbed the event "commutageddon."
I don't think that the traffic is so much as a problem but it is the drivers that cause any problems. Some people are just bad drivers and do stupid things on the roads and wonder why they have accidents. A traffic accident is not so much an accident but a mistake by a driver due to inexperience or inattention or just being plain silly. There can be a lot of traffic or a very busy road but if all the drivers are doing the right thing then things will go fairly smoothly. I know that the majority of drivers here in Australia wouldn't last five minutes driving in somewhere like the Philippines where the road rules are a little different. Rather than depending on road rules there they depend on skill and the driver who is most skillful will get there first. Consequently, the Philippines has some very good drivers, not that there is not the occasional idiot too but overall they have to be a good driver to survive on the roads.
I have avoided peak hour traffic to the point where I'm not actually sure what it's like to be in peak hour traffic. This is probably a good problem.
Since 1991, my country has doubled the number of vehicles in traffic. We have a lot of traffic issues. Especially parking lots Rolling Eyes
johans wrote:
I just want to know how traffic your area; specially in working days?

Traffic in Sydney usually is acceptable (compared to other countries) however the vast distances between the city and some of the western suburbs in themselves can cause issue with getting to work quickly - often times it can take over 1 and a half hours to get to work, longer if there is a traffic accident on the road (with the given road conditions in some parts, it's no wonder they seem to occur daily).
Too many car and motorcycle here. I'm using motorcycle to save my precious time and to prevent stress on my head. The government should ban private transportation on the city that have high traffic in the morning and in the evening. All the people can use public transportation and bike on that time. But i think the government will do not like it because they really really need a lot of easy money from vehicle tax. More car and motorcycle it means more income for the government. High traffic is not the major problems as long as the income from tax is quite big rather than other income from the other tax.
We have a metro in Helsinki here in Finland. I use metro and it is working well.
sudipbanerjee wrote:
I live in Kolkata of India. Here traffic is a problem in working days.

100% agreeing. Specially in these rainy seasons with lot of potholes on the road and most of the roads are both way. Everybody trying to avoid the pot holes making the road narrower and creating more traffic jam. In some area, it is taking more than a hour on road to go just 1 kilometer.
Traffic in my country nowadays is horrible. Gas is too cheap, everyone has a car or a motorcycle and everyone uses it to go to work at the same hour every day. And when there is traffic, there are motorcycles going past the stopped cars honking, yelling and insulting anyone who dares move their car a bit to any side. And if traffic is stoo slow, robbery time starts and no one is safe. However, there is time in traffic to listen to the radio, to make funny faces to the rest of the passengers, if there is any, and to entertain yourself like you never would if there weren't any traffic. I think we could solve it by making regulations, rising the price of oil and improving car routes (knowing that population grows every day and there's nothing to stop this).
traffic here is terrible..
I'm in Vancouver BC right now. Traffic here is pretty dense as well, particularly since it's the tourist season. Worst part however is all of the construction going on in parts of the inner city. Bad timing of the city for sure.
The traffic in my country is very bad. The limited available road while always increasing vehicles is contributing to the bad traffic. The number of vehicles is increasing day by day. Every year it increases by a record number than the previous year. While the roads are the same. There have been a few road extension plans in parts of the country. I only have hopes that it will solve very few of the traffic problems.

The road itself is not well maintained. The most used roads or the big roads have some potholes. There are other roads that are not maintained at all. They seem to be just filled with potholes everywhere. While driving in the roads we not only have to look out for items related to traffic and roads but we have to look out for holes on the roads.

The people driving are also careless. There are teenagers and some older people who drive dangerously, overtaking in a risky fashion. They blow horns carelessly creating noise pollution. During office hours, the main roads are jam packed. I hate to travel at such times.

I hope that one day, people will realize that they should be more responsible on roads and improve from their part. I also hope that the government will be investing more on durable roads.
(Thread bump) Would increasing taxes to businesses who have a large number of workers working at schedules such as from 9 to 5 pm effective to reduce peak hour traffic in places with traffic congestion? The extra money gained can also be used to expand roads and to fund public transport as well.
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