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Scary stories!

I believe that everyone knows scary stories and here's the thing: I want to read yours! I'm talking all sorts of stories: ghost stories, near death experiences, haunted houses, unexplainable stuff... I love to share and to know more stories, this way I can scare more people. Razz So here's mine...

About three years ago I was in my other house (I moved recently) doing some cleaning in the kitchen because we didn't have Internet. So this very strange old lady came and called me, asking if she could take a look at the roses in the garden. I said no problem, and then she entered the garden and started to tell me stuff about the house I was living in. The house was not very old - I believe it was built in the 60s - but according to the scary old lady it used to be a house where female students rented rooms. Well, I'm ok with that since I myself used to be a student who rented a room in a family house. One day one of these students got pregnant from a married guy and didn't want to have the child. So she got an abortion and buried the fetus in the backyard. Then the lady asked me if I heard strange noises like children laughing or crying in the middle of the night (oh yes, my room was the one with a view to the backyard), or if the faucets and closets' doors opened and closed on their own.

But the lady didn't stop there. She then told me that my house used to be an Quimbanda house and that people used to sacrifice animals in the garage. Quimbanda is a Brazilian religion based on African beliefs similar to Voodoo or Hoodoo and people who practice Quimbanda do sacrifice animals and practice what some people call black magic. After that I said I was an Exu (a Quimbanda entity) myself and chased the lady out of my garden. Later I discovered that two brothers were fighting for the ownership of the house and I believe this lady was affiliated with one of the brothers who didn't own the house, so she was trying to frighten people who lived there so the other brother didn't earn much with renting the place.

And being the impressionable person I am, I waited my mom come home to leave the kitchen... Razz

What's your scary story?
in the 80's 2 friends n 2 girls n me was visiting a castle, tido slott, a dark autumn evenning.
I walked around some bush in the garden with the 2 girls and we saw a scary statue, blue shining. I was joking and screamed run it is a ghost! One of my friends some minutes later did also see the blue shimmerings statue and was frighened too. we went off the site and that was kind of fun happening until later...

Some years later my parents said they should go to that castle on a guided tour and I asked if I could join. I was happy now to have a chance to see the blue statue in daylight. I walked across the bush and was ecspecting to see the statue BUT that area was gone. Instead there was no area, it was just higher land with a lawn, ie 2 meter up. I asked the guide when they did the land fill, and she said that the land always have been that way... I checked old fotage of the castle and the area we walked never existed! And no statue of course...

That is the most strangest thing I have ever encountered, and we were 4 of us walking this non existing place. (number 5 was my cousin and he had trouble with his sound system in the car so he never left the car)

Beautiful place, spinout! And what a weird story... It's amazing how a place can look pretty inoffensive during the day and turn into a haunted mansion during the night. That's one of the reasons why I hate the dark so much!

Can you read "1889" in the middle of this building?

The group I used to hang out with used to have 5-6 people and we were game for all sorts of stupid activities like visiting an abandoned farm in the middle of Pantanal. Visiting this place was one of the scariest experiences we've had. We were camped in a chalet a hundred meters from said farm and one of my friends was mesmerized by the farm and wanted to see it herself. Of course we didn't let her go alone and me and my brother went along. This place was sitting untouched in the middle of Pantanal (a Brazilian place who looks kind of a swamp) and we believed that it used to be a huge farm. Look at the elevation in the middle of the construction: that is a humongous oven.

So we started to explore the place and we found this small house looking better than the rest of the buildings and of course we decided to enter. Look what we found.

Hundreds and hundreds of bats.

Then we tried to enter in another house and the door was stuck. My brother broke into the place with a strong kick and to our surprise, the place was filled with strange bottles and dead animal parts. Voodoo stuff. We ran like the devil was chasing us and returned to our camp. During the night, we locked ourselves inside the chalet and all through the night we listened dogs howling and barking and drums being played while people were chanting. It was the longest night of my life. After that, we never returned to that damn campsite and vowed to stay out of trouble.

Of course we didn't but it was worth the try. Very Happy
My beautiful 24 year old daughter, my athletic sister and myself stayed 2 nights in an old hotel in Hot Springs. We were having a spa weekend for the ladies. I brought along an EVP monitor just for giggles. A voice said chicken and we looked down the hall we were walking and someone had placed a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken outside their. This is how we meet The Rancher. Over next 24 hours he relieved he was staying there but died in a Fog (thinking smoke inhalation). He had horses, cows, pigs, and wore western attire. The ladies in basement said 2 girls were being photographed by a third when The Rancher western hat and all appeared behind them with his arm on one girl's shoulder. Next evening a woman was getting a massage and claimed 4 hands were on her. She was intensively distressed and was refunded her money. I don't have permission to say the name of the hotel but a famous gangster used to stay there.
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