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The war on consciousness


This TED talk was removed! Still the politics are very clear! We are cutting down the lungs of the Earth to make hamburgers!

sometime we have to be cautious about the TED conferences.
most of the time, you have great quality interventions, with honest data to back up the theories exposed, but some other time, the intervenant will manipulate the datas to influence public opinion. I remember a conference about the decline in the violence through history...
I mean it might not sound as a big deal as we are manipulated everyday by the TV, but I always hoped TED talks are better than this Smile
The video played just fine for me, but the title says,

"The War on Consciousness - Graham Hancock (Removed TED talk)"

It is true he talked about loss of forests, but that didn't strike me as his primary message. His position seems to be that Western society today has lost their balance, due to disconnecting from spiritual influences. His answer for that is to use psychoactive drugs to produce visionary states of consciousness.

He seems to believe that man first achieved a creative consciousness at the time psychoactive drugs were discovered, and that altered states of consciousness are important for us to remain creative. He does recognize these drugs are often misused, including his personal misuse of marijuana. He described it as having very negative impact on his life, although he feels it may have been beneficial for him to use it somewhat in the past. Use is not the problem, abuse is.

His belief system about the visionary events and personalities are not clearly spelled out, although he definitely does believe a spiritual relationship to reality is important, and takes some of the ideas very seriously. He specifically considers hallucinogens to be a resource to be carefully used, and that it is unwise to use them in a recreational manner.
The Western Societies are so deep in social engineering, it's a miracle that people have woken up to realize the depths of corruption and misguided policies / M.O.s of this side of the world. Though.. maybe that's the exact reason people did wake up, and continue to do so.

I see many movements that are trying to reverse this destructive and inhumane path we're set upon, which makes me nothing short of ecstatic. Huge revelations to come!
lemonedia wrote:
I see many movements that are trying to reverse this destructive and inhumane path we're set upon, which makes me nothing short of ecstatic. Huge revelations to come!
Not enough though. The worst movement I think is the handful of world domineering corporations who have the Governments in their pay. I think they are pulling everyone's strings, including the movements.
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