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Firefox crashing ....

I'm not on Windows 8 and would like to find out whether there are others who are experiencing firefox crashing in the other Windows as well. I'm still on Windows XP, and for the first time EVER in the years I've been using Mozilla Firefox, it's been crashing on me too. Thankfully it seems to be able to restore the previous windows, but it just feels so totally out of sync with my experience with Mozilla. The one browser I could always depend on. I think there must be something up with its last update 22.0. As the crashing only started after the last update.
I currently do have version 22.0 on Windows 7 and it does not crash at all. Well, there have been several crashes in the past, I suppose but I haven't encountered any for several weeks now. I do not enocounter any problems, despite the fact that I am browsing web with fullscreen (F11) which should make Firefox a bit more buggy.

If it helps, here's list of add-ons that I use.
Is your Mozilla Firefox still crashing now on the current version 24.0? They might have fixed the issues already that made it crash on version 22 some months ago. Smile
DH: post the error log, look up how to do that, it's too much of a generic problem to solve through forum support atm. HOWEVER I can help you out, I have over the years had problems with Firefox like extreme slowdowns & consistent crashes, in my experience here's how to fix:

1. Try disabling some addons and/or plugins until it fixes it (I have had to go through plugins and disable one at a time to fix a problem before). Have you installed anything since the problems started? What was the last thing that may have altered firefox automatically if you haven't installed anything since it started?

2. Do a CLEAN install, aka wipe all your settings when you run the installer. if you want to backup bookmarks n' stuff make sure you do that before.

3. Use firefox (safe mode), this is similar to my first suggestion but just harder to pin down exactly what's wrong, however you may wanna do this first to see if it is really an addon problem (PS: no idea if this disables plugins also).
Version 22 was crashing for me too ! latest version is just more stable but it crashed once too. i recommend you to get latest version and your problem probably will be solved.
yes, i experience it also. that is why i am shifting to google chrome.
Da Rossa
I'm currently using Firefox 24.0 in Windows 8. No problem here. It is also my main browser, for it is more friendly and doesn't have some of Google Chrome's nasty policies (about ease and productivity on browsing). Google Chrome is good too, though.

If you're having problems, backup your profile and reinstall, then restore your profile files. If the problem persists, then it can be one of your extensions. Try to do a clean install, importing the things one by one, the passwords, the history, the bookmarks then install each extension, one by one, restarting Firefox between each. Then you can pinpoint the problem.
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