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Player script

Is there a way to make a kind of player like this . I dunno how to describe how it looks , so I describe it with image . I made this image , that means I cant find it in anywhere .

Features I want :
- Continue playing the music when the user surf other page of the same website (let's say I plugged this into every page) .
- If I want to add songs , I just have to edit the codes .
- I can control the player by pressing play , pause or stop .
- Either in Javascript or PHP . Flash ?

The first features seems to be hard , I think maybe it can be done only with new pop-up window .

Thanks .
Inserting music onto a web page is relatively easy.
Music is inserted onto a web page with the use of the embed tag.
. Below is an minimalist example of the embed tag using the src attribute to define the media file's location.

<embed src="beethoven.mid" />
<p>Above is an embedded media player. To stop the music press stop/pause.</p>

Depending on what kind of media software you or your visitor has installed, the above example will appear slightly different.
To customize the functionality of the embedded media player be sure to set the following attributes.
autostart - choose if the media file will start automatically
loop - sets the media file to repeat or not
volume - set the volume of the media file. The range is 0-100.
HTML Code:
<embed src="beethoven.mid" autostart="false" loop="false" volume="60" />
Be careful when placing music on your web site. If done poorly, users will be annoyed by the music and will leave your web site
If you want your music to play over and over again, then be sure to set the loop attribute to true.
I hope this helped. If you have problems with the code reply here and i`ll try to help you.
But how would you do it with an option to change what music is playing?
Hi Summer,

here`s the player you`re looking for:

It`s a little bit easier than your image, but you can stream any mp3 file from anywhere in the internet by editing an external xml-playlist. You can play mp3-files from your own url as well.

I use this player on my homepage to listen to while surfing my sites. Visit to look how it is embeded in my page.

You`re right to open it in a new popup window to keep it playing all the time in the background.

It`s absolutly free, you can redistribute or change the code if you want to. It works well in IE, FF and Netscape, only with Opera there are a few problems. Active x controls are always a little problem with Opera, but the first track will also be played. Only the next, stop and play buttons don`t work.

You can download the player here:

Enjoy, morningstar
Thanks morningstar .
@ Summer,

if you need some help with the player post it here, so I can explain to you Idea ,

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