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Best place in the world to live?

I am wondering where everyone thinks is the best place in the world to live? What makes you put it at the top of your list? How does it compare to other good places?

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GuidanceReader wrote:
I am wondering where everyone thinks is the best place in the world to live? What makes you put it at the top of your list? How does it compare to other good places?

Here is the link to the list below:

1 Carmel, IN
2 McKinney, TX
3 Eden Prairie, MN
4 Newton, MA
5 Redmond, WA
6 Irvine, CA
7 Reston, VA
8 Columbia/Ellicott City, MD
9 Overland Park, KS
10 Chapel Hill, NC
11 Woodbury, MN
12 Fishers, IN
13 Allen, TX
14 Eagan, MN
15 Centreville, VA
16 Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ
17 Castle Rock, CO
18 South Jordan, UT
19 Lakeville, MN
20 Waldorf, MD
21 Highlands Ranch, CO
22 Maple Grove, MN
23 Gaithersburg, MD
24 Germantown, MD
25 Troy, MI

Listed in the top 100 is Boulder, Colorado and they state that it is the healthiest place to live in the US.

I live in Boulder Colorado and I do not like the town, the city government is awful, compared to the rest of Colorado they have fines and fees attached to everything, so registering your vehicle costs more, fines for stupid things like registering your vehicle late ads $50.00 to the already over priced fee. Taxes are higher, property values way too high compared to the rest of the state. The City of Boulder is a police state, huge number of cops, speed traps, photo radar on almost every major road through the City. Boulder Colorado is all about fleecing money from it's residents for any thing possible making the County and City government one of the wealthiest in Colorado.

I moved into Boulder after 25 years in Colorado this past February and was not happy about it then, and still not happy about it. Here in Colorado we have a saying, Boulder Colorado is 23 square miles surrounded by reality.

Good place to live, Weld County Colorado, the town of Frederick, lived there for 14 years and loved the place, rural county, small town.

Also I have to add, Boulder is one strange place - I call it Prozac nation there seems to be an inordinate number of drivers with "COEXIST", "Greenpeace", or "Amnesty International" bumper stickers on their cars, either a smart car, Prius, Yaris, Matrix, Smart car, or some other under sized vehicle driving 10 to 15 miles per hour under the speed limit......gotta save those carbon credits!!!!

Boulder just passed a law that forces the grocery stores to sell plastic bags for 10 cents a piece?

The best place to live is the United States, the reason why I say that is because there are a lot of great places to visit and the technologies the Us can produce. Then the fact that the United States doesn't have war problems like people rioting to over throw their leaders. Then there is the labor laws and civil rights acts they make America what it is today. I know you may see different but it's not bad once you get the full picture. Hey, the US even has a black president finally after 40+ white president streak. That's why I think the US is the best place in the world imaginable to live in. Thank you for reading.
The best place to live is in the Caribbean; Jamaica to be exact. Reason being that after you would have amassed whatever savings you have (US$1 == JA$101 & GBP1 == JA$150) you can go there and be rich. Unless you live in USA, in that case you wont have any savings because of all your credit card bills.
I imagine the greatest place to live in somewhere in Europe. The developed countries are there that means no problems in infrastructure, economy and the like. But the weather looks a bit cold there. May be a European country with the best weather would be the best place to live. Atleast for me.
My dream is to learn German and find a job in Munich. I absolutely love that place. I have traveled the world quite extensively and cannot think of a better place to live than there.
The best place in the world to live must be exactly the place, where the most people on earth live, for: if that place wasn't that good, why the hell would they all go and live there?

On the other hand, if a place is bad, why don't they just leave it?
Well, one might say: sometimes people are locked in or out of some place, they are imprisoned in a bad place or kept away by force from some good place... that might be true of some places, but obviously not so much of those places, where most people live.

Nevertheless, most people would not agree on my previous statement. Generally the super big cities with the highest density of human livings do not count that much as the best places to live. So this could lead to the assumption, that it is humans nature to choose to live only in the second or third best place in the world, if not at all in a very miserable place...

Or: if there is a best place to live, people immediately come from all sides and settle down there, just to spoil it in a second... which gives way to the statement, that yes, there are best places to live on earth, but only for a short moment.
Canada is good place to live.
I really enjoyed living in Montreal, Canada. The metro system is superb, the city is clean, the layout is straightforward, and there is no end to what you can do.

As a Washingtonian, I don't believe Washington, D.C. is the best place to live in the United States. It's way too hectic and bureaucratic. Just the act of driving here makes you want to pull your hair out. Unless you're into that type of lifestyle, I think somewhere more peaceful is a better place to live. Maybe a quaint town somewhere in the countryside?
I guess the best place to live in the world has to be in one of those European countries. They are well developed and living standard is really high. The only thing that I am not sure about countries there is the weather. I mean countries like Sweden and Norway are really high in the human development index but those countries must be cold. So, I think the nice ones or the best ones to live at would be Paris, France or Venice, Italy. Man, those cities are to die for. I hope I will get to go up there one day.
Vegas and Venice is one of my favourite cities. Where I would like to live.
According to me Vegas and Venice is the best place to live. These cities has everything like shopping malls, beautiful sceneries, better living style
People are nice and comfortable in Switzerland, but it doesn't help to be foreign.

They're also very friendly in Scotland, but it's cold and wet.

It's lovely in the South of England, but the villages are dominated by the Church, the lesser aristocracy, the army, the boy scouts, the Tories, business and everything else horrible.....
The best place in the world to live is home. Smile
Mecca and Madina in Saudi of Arabia is the best place in the world. Two of them are holy city based my religion. I really really want to have a house on one of the city. House price in mecca is very very expensive and not many people can afford to buy one. Rent a house is also expensive in mecca. So i think medina is more suitable for me. The city is not quite far from Mecca. Have a house there, have wive there, have children there, wow i think that's just like a dream for me. Also i want to have some house in other country. So i can stay in my house when i come to the country. Right now i already have a house in here. I love my country and like to stay here, but if i become a business man i would be better to have houses in many country. If there is a bad war in my country i can go to other country to survive. Everybody have their own dream, and i think my dream look bad for many people in the world.
I believe best place to live in the world is where you family live.
Switzerland or other northern European countries, like Norway or Sweden. The lifestyle an average person can enjoy there is something quite astonishing to me.
I think best place to live is near the hilly area. From there we breath natural and fresh Air.
According to me Swtitzerland is the best place to live
i haven't been outside the USA yet. but am planning to go see the world. although the usa is a great place to live, it's very expensive in some parts.
I live venice city so much. It is so beautiful and full of peace . So it is the best city in the world.
Best place in the world is newzeland
"Canada is one of the most desirable destinations for immigrants. Since 1994, Canada has been ranked in the top ten places to live in the world. Consistently recognized for its high standard of living, low mortality rate, good education and health system, low crime rate and beauty, Canada is also known to be a country for new immigrants."

Newyork is the best place to live there
Canada, Switzerland, New Zealand. .....
Montgomery ,Al is best and perfect place to live.
raubymartin wrote:
Montgomery ,Al is best and perfect place to live.

What country is this?

I just heard about this here in the forum.
Recently, Ecuador is being hyped as the best place to live, because the weather is great there (23 degrees Celsius all year round) and prices of everything are really cheap. A lot of tourists, mainly from USA, are migrating there to spend the last years of their lives in Ecuador.

But when I checked the prices, everything is similarly expensive or even more expensive than where I live (Poland).

The guy who said Jamaica might have been onto something, even if a place is shit (crime rate in Jamaica is probably tragic), being very rich can probably compensate and then some Smile
There are lots of places where you can live which depends on the type of person you are.
In the big cities, you will have everything for daily need but you will always be too busy to take out some time and enjoy the things.

If you are a nature lover you will think of Nepal, Singapore, Thailand etc
Lets talk about Nepal, though there is political instability... If you have some money (you don't need to be millionaire or billionaire) You will have almost no effect of whats going on there. You can travel places, you can enjoy modern clubs, 5 star hotels, luxury houses, cars, foods...

It really depends on the type of person you are.
Personally, I think that if we do not care about money and infrastructure, then one of the best places to live would be in the high himalayas of my country, Nepal.

But then, we are so used to what the world has to offer. We can't live without mobile phones, internet, and comfortable homes. We also need jobs to back up our needs. So, the best country to live would be the one that offers great jobs and earning opportunities as well as the right to secure nice living conditions with the earnings that we generated. Countries like Australia would do nice, because as I see it really high in the top countries listed by Human Development Index.
Nepal is the land of snow peaks, Sherpa, yaks and yetis, monasteries and mantras. Numerous visitors are visits there to enjoy the mountain trail of the Himalaya It is the best adventurous spot that offers a unique option of numerous activities like Rafting / Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Trekking, Jungle Safari and Trekking Peaks etc.. My friends are taking much interests in it and They all had an again wish to explore it again.
A lot depends on the climate, doesn't it? And the best climate of the world is in Viña del Mar in Chile:

Not only that, the environment is OK, it's safe, people are friendly, there is a lot of healthy food and there is even a German community there with their own club. And there are no mosquitoes like in so many other subtropic / tropic countries.

I am seriously considering to move there...
kaysch wrote:
A lot depends on the climate, doesn't it? And the best climate of the world is in Viña del Mar in Chile:
I should definitely check it out. Looks as though it is on the coast as well. Great city to visit.
deanhills wrote:
kaysch wrote:
A lot depends on the climate, doesn't it? And the best climate of the world is in Viña del Mar in Chile:
I should definitely check it out. Looks as though it is on the coast as well. Great city to visit.

It's a twin city, consisting of Viña del mar and Valparaíso. While Viña del mar is the city of Chile's rich and famous and a little boring, Valparaíso is a very picturesque town and UNESCO world heritage site. It has many houses with high-quality graffitis, a big arts scene and lots of funicular railways. Half way between the two cities at Portales railway station there is a fish market where you can buy reineta, merluza and other fresh fish. Low price (2-3 USD for a fish) and high quality. I love that place, and I have been there now for 5 times.
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