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Partitioning and Hard Disk

Can partitioning, or installing multiple OS such as linux and windows damage your hard disk?

As far as i know it wont damage your HD. I have windows 7 and Linux on my laptop in 3 years and nothings happens or breakdown.
Ok I thought that was the reason why my hard drive broke down. Some suggested that the multiple partitions and operating systems might have caused that. But I want to believe it was a factory defect
Well, if something goes wrong during partition (is stopped half way through), then you can get severe disk errors.
But 99.9% of the time, a successful partition will not cause any problems.
You can install two or more os on your pc without any problem.
I'm using two os on my laptop.
Linux and Windows.

HDD mostly get damaged when unplugging the power cable while it was running.
I have to say, in my adventurous years I have had a quintic boot system (just for the tech-fun of it!)..

fortunately I am waay more relaxed these days.

I only quad boot lol (Windows, Opensuse, Linux Mint Debian, and Debian) ... managing the bootloader (Grub in my case) was easy and made everything simple. Good luck partitioning and getting multiple boots ... it has been one of the simplest yet coolest things I have ever achieved with my system! I am extremely confident nothing bad will happen to your hard disk, theres more chance of you damaging the Hard disk by moving the PC than doing an installation of another OS.

If you're super paranoid - I would get another disk and boot with two disks attached to the motherboard.

In any case, good luck!
Partition Magic seems to work well, at least it did back in the day. Although it is paid software, I believe the trial version used to have some functionality but it has been awhile since I have used it, to be honest.
It is good when have Window or Mac and you can take the advantages of linux which is a great distribution and I would like to say that that dual booting do not damage hard disk.

You can surely dual boot without any issues according to my as I was using window xp and I tested linux distributions by dual booting and after checking many linux distribution I ended with Debian and now I use only Debian and my hard disk is still in use.
codersfriend wrote:
Can partitioning, or installing multiple OS such as linux and windows damage your hard disk?

you might loose the data on the hardisk, specially if you are deleting existing partitions and recreating them
I have used dual booting (Windows and Linux) for over 10 years.
There has not been a single problem.
The answer would be "NO"
Partitioning never harms the HDD unless u stop it mid way... so never worry about partitioning and dual boots
You can install multiple OS in a single machine, it is a myth that by installing multiple OS, hard disk of the computers has crash.
As far as I know partitioning cannot damage your hard drive because I am doing it most of the time with my laptop for the past 2 years with approximately changing Linux distribution mostly every month just to try the distribution out and there is no harm done as of this moment.
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