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Course choice confusion, please help

Hello, i'm in a bit of a predicament and was wondering if you could help me.

In 10 months i'm due to face my GCSE's (age 16 school qualifications) and i'm drawn to two things - philosophy and nature conservation. I'm wondering what options to take for my next 2 years of education, whether it be sixth form, college or annother educational avenue as I am currently studying chemistry, biology, physics, business, philosophy & applied ethics, computing, drama, french, english, and P.E. Was interested in any one elses experiences.
To make things more confusing, I can choose between pure acedemic A-level subjects, an equivalent vocational career course, or even an apprenticeship with an employer whilst studying a relevant course at college.

Interested in anyone elses stories of how you made your choices?
Select the course that interests you. Not all the offered things are of your interest. Whatever subject you choose for your future should be the subject you like most not what is hot in the market. Expertise in any subject is equivalent to other in the long run.
Select your course with your choice and your interest. Always do any work with your wish specially study. Razz
You have to take two things into consideration:

1. Your interest.
2. What is the future scope of the field of your interest?

I would suggest that you first make a list of subjects that you are interested in. For example, for me it was computers or some other form of engineering. I was also interested in literature and chess. I didn't have enough talent to be a professional chess player (plus it's more of a hobby than a career choice unless you're super-talented), and studying literature would probably put me in a teaching profession, which I am not very fond of. So, I could either choose computer or civil engineering. I was always interested in programming computers, so I chose that.

I took a complex entrance exam for a seat in the most reputed engineering college. Luckily, I got in, and have enjoyed most of the courses. I don't particularly like the hardware and electronics bits, or the subjects heavily related to Physics. I don't mind Math much, but my grades could be much better. However, I tend to do well in subjects involving logic and programming. I have been working on projects on my own and with my friends and life is fairly good right now. I don't think I'd have enjoyed college life so much if I had chosen civil engineering (since I don't like mechanics and other heavily physics-related courses).

So, I'd say this is a pretty important time for you. Please go with your interest. Do not let anybody influence your decision. You should listen to everyone, but the final decision should be your own.

Best of luck! Very Happy
I agree with what everyone else is saying. I tailored my education to what I thought I wanted to do, and in the end of it all none of it mattered as after my first year at university I changed over degrees anyway. Do something you enjoy and that you will do well. If you find later down the track you needed something else, then it the scheme of things, it's not the end of the world having to go back and learn what you might have missed - but at least by then you'll know what you actually need to get to where you want to be. The important component of education for you now, is learning as much as you can in anything, and to do this, the best way is to find something that interests you.
just to search inside yourself what you r and what ability you have ,what you can do.Having all these question in font of you and then decide what profession suites to you.
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