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What to Do When You Spill Tea on Your Laptop?

I was drinking some tea, while commenting on a friend’s Facebook status, when disaster struck! A small clumsy stroke was all it took for the glass to go tumbling down, spilling 3/4th of its contents straight onto the keyboard of my laptop.

The steaming tea increased the CPU temperature so much that the computer immediately powered off. I wiped off as much as I could using a small rag. I unplugged the power chord, and a frenzy of more wiping followed. I put the laptop upside down and cleaned the bottom portion. I frantically shook the laptop to get any liquid out (Idiotic, I know. *sigh*).

Now, my keyboard doesn't respond well. My speakers are fried. I am not sure if I should open it up. Do I need to replace my keyboard? I read some horror stories online about something similar destroying the motherboard or hard drive. I think I got lucky.
If it was just tea with water then you might be ok when it dries out. Any sugar or milk in the drink can cause major headaches though due to the sticky residue left behind.
Do you have a sunny window you can leave it all to dry? If you are confident enough to open everything up then yes that will help speed the process, especially with a hairdryer, but drying as quickly as possible would be my tactic before even thinking of switching anything back on.

Good luck.
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