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Famous local characters in your area?

For the last 3 years or so an elderly bearded man with a staff has sat daily on various benches along a busy seafront road here, smiling and waving at cars as they pass by.
His stated mission is to spread love and happiness around society and to be fair, he's achieved some big steps along his path as nearly everyone beeps their horn with a smile, and waves back to him.

He is a local legend and our newspaper published a story last week that he had suffered a stroke while on waving duty and is now in hospital.
Personally, I don't know anyone who doesn't wish him a speedy recovery. The seafront drive is definitely missing his happy wave now and many have realised how much our society genuinely appreciates his simple act of friendly gesture in our individual lives.

Here's a local newspaper link and his facebook page being maintained currently by his wife:

So, do any other Frihosters have similar characters famous in your area who perhaps don't conform to usual society norms, but are a colourful part of your community?
Other than John Dillinger, I can't think of any. John spent enough time in the bars and jail here. Jail at the time was in the old Courthouse on the town square.
Definitely Sheik Mohamed Al Makthoum who has won several horse races on British soil as well. Particularly endurance races. He also had a great share in rebuilding Dubai from the odd sky scraper in 2002 to a sky scraper jungle including roads and a metro. He supervised the building of the Khalifa Tower, the world's tallest building, almost on a hands on basis.

His official title is His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

Photo shows HH Sheikh Mohamed with his wife Princess Haya (originally from Jordan - daughter of late King Hussein).

Last feat has been at the Royal Ascot a week ago. His horse was crowned a winner of the event.

Ah, two very interesting characters for sure, John Dillinger is one I wouldn't want to cross in a dark alley!
I guess my OP was aimed more towards any eccentric types only famous in their local area, but wider fame provides for a broader discussion so cheers guys.

That said, the most famous person born in my area has to be Agatha Christie the crime writer and author of Poirot as well as 'The Mousetrap' the worlds longest running play.

Sir Francis Drake also stayed here for a while, holding 400 prisoners from the Spanish Armada at a barn near the beach in 1588.
The building is still standing today, some pics of mine here for anyone interested:
I appreciate you sharing about the waving moses guy. Stories like that help me see the good side of humanity which is hidden all to well at times.

Gatewood Galbraith was a politician with local fame in Kentucky as he ran for governor many times but never achieved the position. I went to an event he held that Willy Nelson played at. It was a great time, and the closest I've ever come to Willy.

Henry Earl is a local homeless man that is credited with being arrested more than just about anyone in the USA. His facebook following is insane. Me and my smoking friends used to talk to him on a nightly bases. He calls himself rick james, dresses in dirty suits, and does the john travolta moves from saturday night fever while walking down the street.

I'll list more as they come to me.
Excellent contributions ICT, think you may have a winner with Henry Earl though, he's locally famous, you've talked to him many times, and he's even got his own Wiki page for his unfortunate life choices!
We've got a similar homeless guy here, 20+ years of begging, substance abuse and drinking in the streets. He eventually got banned from my town by magistrates and has since moved on to a city 20 miles away to carry out the same things:

News report:
[...]Posters with Mr Skinner's photograph are being put up around the seaside resort, notifying the public of the Asbo.

Devon and Cornwall Police said on numerous occasions offers of help from police and local homelessness charities have been rejected by Mr Skinner. [...]

Council Poster:

He's got a growing facebook following now being known by most people as either a lovable rogue or a pain in the arse. It is a shame that some people seem to be exploiting him a bit lately though, getting him to dance for 50 pence and then uploading it from phones to social media.
His anti-social behaviour is ultimately born of mental health issues and substance dependency, but taking advantage of this for online ridicule and amusement is unkind and perhaps more cruel in my opinion.

Regardless, he's another 'locally famous' character woven into the tapestry of society around me Smile
watersoul wrote:
I guess my OP was aimed more towards any eccentric types only famous in their local area, but wider fame provides for a broader discussion so cheers guys.
Oops apologies Watersoul! I missed that part of it. So yes, my example is not a fit.

I'll need to scratch my head on this a little first.
Ah, apologies not needed at all Dean, I didn't make the OP with strict on-topic guidelines and anyway it was an interesting post.
If this topic is added to with examples of world-famous folk from near other Frihosters areas then that's cool as well Smile

Unusual local ones are always pretty interesting though, here's one from near where I grew up in Swansea, Wales:
Captain Beany
Captain Beany (born Barry Kirk c. 1954[1]) is a Welsh eccentric and celebrity charity fundraiser. In May 1991, he changed his name by deed poll to Captain Beany. He began painting his face and bald head orange, donned a golden cape, pants, gloves and boots. To date, Captain Beany claims to have raised over 100,000 for charity through participation in various events, such as the New York Marathon.

I've met him a few times, proper crazy cat, but a local hero for his charity efforts.
watersoul wrote:
So, do any other Frihosters have similar characters famous in your area who perhaps don't conform to usual society norms, but are a colourful part of your community?

Yes, I do although the person I have in mind is not homeless. On the contrary. The owner of the company I work for bid 1.8 m USD during a charity event to travel into space together with Leonardo di Caprio. And another 1.5 m USD to take part in some celebrities parties. I'm not sure why he did it, but that sort of behaviour is against all society norms where I live. Normally people around here like to keep a very low profile in order not to attract unnecessary attention or provoke envy. Instead he has been on the local newspaper, on local television etc. Here is the link to an article in the local newspaper (in German only).
Brilliant kaysch! That's exactly the kind of quirky local thing I would never have heard about if I hadn't asked here on Frihost Smile
...I don't think I'd want to be attracting attention to my own money like that guy but then I'm not rich so I don't have a knowledge based opinion on what I would really do! Would love to go to space though.
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